What to expect.

TimiTh3rd Culture came to me as a great idea on relaxing afternoon about 3 years ago. I was talking with a friend about how I never seem to find like minded people regularly but when I did we always hit it off and where friends for a long time. To this my friend added  “and here in Nigeria it’s even harder. Because of the way we grew up we aren’t really Nigerian, but we also aren’t really anything else”.

This got me thinking, it’s true that the average Nigerian would always say I’m not a real Naija guy and then elsewhere in the world I sure aint British or American or even Dutch. As a young guy looking for meaning in life, it was hard bumping around and not really feeling at home anywhere, but when I did find good friends, we were friends for life.

This is the essence of Th3rd Culture. We are a comunnity of people who have similar back stories and think alike. We know there is a gap in the information being provided presently and instead of continually didging for a solution, we decided to produce it ourselves.

What is to come in the coming months will be articles about life, love, music, inspiration, happenstance and so much more. We will give you insight into things you have discussed with friends, thoughts you’ve had on your own and we will be that friend when you need one as we are always here.

Our Graphics section will consist of comic strips, graphic short stories, Designs, wall papers and T-shirt ideas. Contact information will be available to procure our services.

Our Words section will consist of our articles, reviews, short stories, book chapters, Newsletter write ups, old articles from personal blogs and discussions. Feel free to join in when ever the mood takes you.

We hope you enjoy yourselves as we aim to blow your mind , take you out of the everyday world and inspire you. We are Th3rd Culture. Simply out of this world….by choice.



About th3rdculture

This is a place to go for entertainment, information and inspiration. It’s a place of escape, where you can find completely original content in the forms of written work by our esteemed Writers and great visuals courtesy of our Arts team. Creativity is gift which we want to share with the world, we're here to take you to places you can only imagine.
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2 Responses to What to expect.

  1. Funke says:

    Ok wait, who decided that there were only two cultures in the world and yours since it didn’t fit either, would be the 3rd?
    *tongue stuck out*
    Congrats hon!

    • th3rdculture says:

      Lol, We at Th3rd Culture found that there was a need so we did our research and found that we had a name already; “3rd Culture kids” So with this a community was found and a need highlighted. We hope to serve that need and enlighten, entertain and inspire. Thanks

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