The Evolving VDAY rant… Hows ur 14th?

Luv 3rd cultureToday is the day, its a day many have been waiting for and others have been dreading. Just looking around I’ve seen tables full of gifts, frowning angry faces, scared boyfriends making a last ditch attempt to get a gift and well, it’s obvious many people out there have a lot to say.

So here at Th3rd Culture we want you to speak your mind. Here are our entries so far. Keep checking back to see what people have to say.

Iffy Ukegbu:

Is it fair? Out of all the guys that are chyking me, all I got this year was one cake. Beside me, Chinwes table is full. Then when I tell these guys they are not serious they will start quoting Shakespeare for me.

Anonymous Babe 1:

I think Valentine’s day as a couple is over rated. When you are single, the day holds thoughts of all sorts of possibilities. From crazy hook ups to unexpected gifts, you can go out, meet new people, flirt, and the possibilities are just impossible to count and if you are a fun person like me, there is just never a dull moment. However when your are a couple; the height of expectation is curiosity about what your partner is going to get you. Then you get it, and if you don’t like it, that’s it. There will of course be the lucky couple who plans ahead to have an exciting fun filled day. But if that couple is together long enough, even that may get old. So here’s what I say, if you are single, make the most of it; party hard and enjoy the season of love!!


How sweet is my babe. She came to my office looking like a million bucks and dropped of my lunch in a cute basket. It’s pasta oh and its not just any pasta, it’s the one I order every time we go to Picolo. So let em let you understand better.  She got the gift i sent her this morning at work (the hers to my watch, Red Door, 1 snickers bar which is her fave and a cake to share with her friends at work) then she went shopping, bought the lingerie she gave me a peek of as she left, cooked my fave meal, and came over. I have to say this is the best Vals yet. And I can just imagine how this night will be.

Anonymous Guy 1:

So I tried to impress her, I did all the buying but she still doesn’t send me. I really should just move on but it has become a habit having a crush on her. She accepted the gift basket and was so excited but when I told her it was from me. The look in her eyes totally changed. One day she’ll notice me, I think I’m just writing to syke myself. Today may not be the day but I know soon it will be.

Anonymous Babe 2:

This world get as it be, Vals day has shown me the light. I have been dating this guy for about two years now and as he works in PH and comes over to Lagos to see me as often as possible, we have been making it work somehow. For Vals he said he would not be able to come over but would make it up to me some time in the near future. I deceided that as a sweet girlfriend I would go and surprise he and it turns out that I was the one to get the surprise. As I turned up at his place around 6pm in the evning there was a girl screaming at him by his gate. It turns out that he had two other girlfriends. One in Benin, who was shouting right now, one from PH who was packing her load and me. The hight of the matter was that mz Benin was shouting because she had caught him with a prostitue as she came to suprise him, a “customer” who he had called straight from work. All I could do was stare and then get the next bus back home. I have truely suffered.


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4 Responses to The Evolving VDAY rant… Hows ur 14th?

  1. Rachel says:

    Valentine’s Day is overrated, but this funny Valentine’s Day cartoon made me laugh:

  2. John says:

    Were do you guys come up with this stuff? Lol!

    • th3rdculture says:

      Hmm, nice question. We sent out a request for peoples Vals day rants and these were the few we got in return (we no it was a somewhat rethorical question, but felt the need to respond)

  3. CamAmateur says:

    is it me or is there a CSS error? anyways nice post

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