“Illusions of grandeur” – Black and Yellow

“….You know what it is….”
Words that echo through most lips these days. This “Black and yellow” track unsurprisingly, yet to our surprise climbed up the charts to no.1. I’m quite aware of my contradiction but permit me to elaborate.

Unsurprisingly, in the sense that, we’ve all been screaming “black and yellow” 4x either out loud or in our heads cause of how catchy that tune is. But, on the contrary, unlike most no.1 hip hop tracks, the content of “black and yellow” is simple. No extreme wordplay, punchlines, or out of world ciphers, as is the norm from artists such as Jay-z, Kanye West, or Lil’ Wayne amongst the group of regular chart toppers.

A friend said, “Don’t hate, he makes feel good music”, and I concur, Wiz Khalifa out did himself this time. The funny thing is, out of the millions that echo “black and yellow” in their day to day lives of late, very few really understand the message of the song.

And once again, it is a simple one at that. Black and yellow refers to the colours of the rapper’s locale, Pittsburgh, USA. And in turn, is an “anthem” for the “Pittsburgh Steelers” the city’s team which Wiz Khalifa is a supporter of, so he’s basically doing what rappers do and ‘repping’ where he’s from.

Also, because of the great production and massive talent, not to mention the flows and melodies used on the record, it takes one only a few listens to catch on to the craze. As such, other rappers have made remixes to fit their own messages.

T.Pain hopped on the track with an ode to his car, Lil’ wayne’s “green and yellow” for the football team he supports “the Green Bay Packers” (who won the last Superbowl against the “Black and Yellow” “Steelers”). And then our very own Laji Dwayem who refereed to the Lagos public transport system and the similar “black and yellow” which they are painted.

But kudos to Wiz Khalifa as he has captured our hearts once again, with what seems like little or no effort, as his melodies and melodic flows catch our ears long before we get the chance to criticize his good yet simple lyricism.

“…Aha! You know what it is….”

“the Music Geek”


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2 Responses to “Illusions of grandeur” – Black and Yellow

  1. Falashe says:

    Nice going guy, quite informative yet short and to the point. MORE PLEASE!

  2. Funke says:

    Oh so that’s what it is!!! Cos really I never did know “what it is” please note not a gbagaun lol

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