“Lighe” – Say Hi to Sam

SI am Sam! I am not a boy and it is not short for Samantha. I’m just… Sam. I think of third culture as a way of life, our lives. We are a group of misfits who have dared to defy and question the very basis of our lives without looking back or apologizing, because it is who we are.

Like the other Third Culture Kids (TCK), my teenage years were spent being bothered by my difference and how much my thoughts differed from others. See, no matter how hard I tried to be like everyone else it didn’t work. Now I realize the reason was because I was different (you have to meet me to understand it). Now I have the same issues as every girl in the world. But when you are borderline weird/insane/random, have serious OCD and ADD, You are bound to be labeled the “freak of the millennium”.

When I found my third culture friends and co-workers, it felt like I finally landed the lead role in merchant of Venice (Portia) and I couldn’t be happier. The only point we are trying to make as a result of this is, “Be happy with who u are and don’t try to change you!”

Let’s digress a little….
My thing is music. I live, breath, eat, sleep, cry, bath, write, and, ultimately love it. I picked it over my last relationship and the guy was a great guy, so, go figure!
I will dabble with other stuff like poetry, fashion, food (I ❤ Jamie, I have a thing for guy’s with lisps), however I believe I was put on earth for music. Now, now, you are probably thinking, “I’ve heard that line before”, but I promise you, everyone who’s ever said these words has lied, I’m the only one telling the truth (que halo).

Moving on. Did I mention I’m an artist? Well, I am and boy, is it super! If you subtract the long periods of being both broke and clueless regarding steps to take on the quest for world musical domination, that is.
If you’ve heard my music you might call me a dreamer, amongst other things. A modern day female Joseph with the Nigerian music industry as the faithless brothers, accompanied by very bad hair days, cause believe me my hair’s had more revolutions than the earth (this is what happens when you are friends with Onyew. You start to ramble too).

SamStill no dream comes true without risk and it seems like I’m at risk at both ends of my family tree. For one, my dad isn’t aware of my musical escapades, I doubt I’d be alive to be writing this if he did. See, four years in university studying Economics must lead to his dream of my becoming a professor (yawn). Now I’m grateful for my education, but the same education tells me that I can be a “Who”, and still change the world (so sorry dad I love you but no). Maternally I may not be getting standing ovations too; mum’s hometown? ‘Humchi’ (Adamawa state), regards misfits such as myself as ‘Lighe’. That was a term used In the old days for people that where different, and where I am standing, different meant artistic, thinking outside of the box, or the good ol’ weirdo.

Now c’mon that was in the past yea? We are all modern people and music is now generally accepted as a creative way of expression (or at least it looks that way). Still I respect my heritage and it is with that respect that I plan to prove that weird people can make a difference too. Nevertheless, no matter how different my music may be, I have faith, courage and the fact that I’ve decided to document my musical journey for your entertainment. Since every one of you will be watching my progress, I have no choice but to succeed.

Plus, its the only thing I know how to do without trying too hard (this sounds like it should end with a “peace and love!!!!” Well it almost did!)



About th3rdculture

This is a place to go for entertainment, information and inspiration. It’s a place of escape, where you can find completely original content in the forms of written work by our esteemed Writers and great visuals courtesy of our Arts team. Creativity is gift which we want to share with the world, we're here to take you to places you can only imagine.
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2 Responses to “Lighe” – Say Hi to Sam

  1. black says:

    Black luvs Sam

  2. destiny says:

    hi sam this is destiny gay and ethan gay love you

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