thelinilshow: Journals of Mr. KoOk

As with everything in life, this post comes with a disclaimer: Free your mind and prepare for inspiration, free style writing is an art not to be judged but to be perceived. Enjoy.

thelinilshow: Journals of Mr. KoOk (my percepts)

linils journalAnother journal, another day.
And I still feel like I did at 5, though I’m 20+, and my room still feels soft.
And except for the fact I have more defined responsibilities (not forgetting my baldness), its like my world didn’t move at all, not even by a moment.

I’m still a dreamer;
Like back then, I’m still random.
I’m still thinking big;
And aiming at massive achievements,
In relativity from an alter perspective (or in another world),
I’m a creator currently trying to duplicate the earth with all its standards on the surface, a plain sphere! Basically, I’m trying to build a world …and all I have so far is a rock!

But I’m finished (in my mind) and so grandly accomplished like that (in my mind). Sometimes the air (ie. feeling) follows me out the door… I don’t advise you try it. Its a near useless practice, like earning Dollars in gazillions on FB’s “Mob Wars” or their what-what Tycoon app…

Asides the “temporal feeling” that you can own a personal stadium and convert it for use as a fish pond, or an amphitheater with half a meter size podium where you force twelve people to stand and sing (and talk to anyone however you like) if you so choose, all this just because you can.

Anyway, as for going out in such a mind set? The results are never really good. Reality is always waiting to shock you, especially when you start slipping away like that, and I have been shocked aplenty. But I’ve always moved forward, sometimes at walk speed, though mostly I crawl, but when its run speed (on my ginger), it feels like I warp.

I look up to all the people I know, (even [fat] Joe [the porter] back at “Brunei” hostel, in Ghana. Yes, Joe Zaza [the cabby] too… But never Tahiru for some reason!?!) I learned to place everyone up high, and relate to them with respect. Most times, it makes me feel small – and ’cause it’s an old habit that’s become more than just a lifestyle, I don’t think that will be changing, ever. Most don’t deserve the pedestal, but its always easier on me, being mistaken, than wrong.

The_Mad_Hatter_by_fayrenpickpocketI can’t (honestly) say I can handle my feelings now, but just like my so odd self, I found (satisfactory) results in odd methods.
Take for instance:
If progress was going higher and farther beyond, and it started to feel like I’m the only one still on earth amidst strangers & friends, each of who’s name I know, all of them, waving from the stars.
With always feeling like I have that far to catch up, and with (always) so much space uncovered between me and people (if ever I compared). The gap in my mind can be depressing (and at times, its me comparing me to a kid), so to press forward, I’d tell myself even earth is a dream, and also to those with their palm or foot down on a star.

Looking up from down (I believe,) is also the same as looking down from up: the only difference is gravity’s flow (that is, perspective). So if you were on a near planet only eyesight away, from my view or even yours, couldn’t we rightly agree, that things tossed down by the other, fall back up?

Do I have accredited theories as proof or support to back my pattern of thought? Nope!!! But this (my view of things) is something that works (for me) and always gets me going. And sometimes (more like always), something like that is all you need.

I can stay on this roll all day, saying nothing but citing on my life.
But just like it is in real life when you meet people and pick up habits (mostly the bad kind), if you pick any “something” from this, I really hope (for your sake) that it’s something that positively pays (’cause I really doubt there’s any of such here).

But I guess no matter what the method, it makes you move forward! Well, if that’s the case, then you’re fine (but where you’re headed is worth a thought, because straight jacket and a padded room is also an end).

There’s a lot that I’ve written, and a lot you might want to argue, but what I say here in text are translations of a simple mind (now complex via duress).

You can comment, and I’ll respond (and yes, of course, in a manner as to one on a pedestal). Or you can swallow all I wrote whole (and trust me, surely purge), but then again what do I really know? I’m only a boy, always behind a murky screen. Call me a mind on an adrift cloud of smoke if you like!

Like I said, its all a matter of perspective (and like all perspective, they reflect your person. Smart, slow or otherwise), but from where I stand, you still look tall.

Don’t try too hard to make sense of this, straight jackets (unlike vampire stories) are real, madness in the asylum isn’t as cool  as Mr. Joker and Harley Quinn can make it seem.

linil kook.

Reviewed By Alan Mace (Dr.)
Chief of Staff, Schizo Wards, Noon Paq Asylum
Comment: Needs better treatment
Prescription: Electric Sessions (sufficient volts)
Photo Credit: DeviantArt (fayrenpickpocket)


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4 Responses to thelinilshow: Journals of Mr. KoOk

  1. Ugo says:

    Urm…sorry but I’m lost oh…what’s going on abeg?

  2. BB says:

    Lol…I like it jor, its so different and I’m feeling the imagery. Keep it up KOoK

  3. el lobito bueno says:

    crazy insane or insane crazy?

  4. qlos breden says:

    Lol…I’d say its insanely crazy. In a good way, cause you should see the things in my head. I love!

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