illusions of grandeur – Don’t Dull

I sat up one night wondering what I was going to put up in my next article. Normally, I’d have this epiphany and begin writing (or type), rant and ramble on about some topic I have deep and innate, “serious” opinions about; probably ones I’ve thought upon many a time before. But, this time, no such luck. No epiphany. No jolt of inspiration. Just bleh! So I decided to start typing regardless, knowing full well, that something good would come out of it. And just like magic, here you go, you’re reading it.

It’s hard to follow, you know? Dubbing yourself “the music geek”, it really does put the pressure on. I’m basically saying that I’m a fountain of knowledge when it comes to music (Geeks know stuff but Nerds surpass geeks and live it). Normally, I am said fountain, but I seriously can’t recall the last time I was watched a music channel, read a music blog or scrolled through Rolling Stone, Billboard or GQ even… but I do know this. I have an honest opinion about music and you’re just about to read it.

Geeks do it better

So what’s going on in the music industry right now? I’m actually directing that question at you right now, because I honestly don’t know. (Pardon me. Everyone has their slumps every once in a while) But I do know that this month of March is full of new hip hop albums. From the long awaited “Finally Famous” by Big Sean to the fan-protested “Lasers” by Lupe fiasco (Loved this guy since….. well since), “Watch the throne” by Kanye West and Jay-Z (Collabo heaven, I must say) and honestly, there’s just so much more.

I’ve been following Big Sean since I can remember, when I heard “Finally Famous vol.1” the mixtape which I got off a friend, (Thanks Deji). Did you know how he got signed to G.O.O.D music? He actually stalked kanye and one day after a studio session bumped into him outside and spit like 200 killer bars nonstop. Kanye signed him that instant. You know that feeling when hear a good punchline? That same feeling you get when you solve a math problem on your own for the 1st time. That’s it; that understanding feeling. Big Sean brings it nonstop. So I personally can’t wait for it.

As for lasers on the other hand, I’ve heard 3 tracks already and what can I say, its Lupe but, I’m really not so enthusiastic. The 3 tracks I heard aren’t classic Lupe, they are way too commercial and very “dumbed down” if you ask me. I actually read an article like two days ago about how he hated the album on, so I’m actually not surprised. But it’s Lupe nonetheless; so I’m going to get it. As for Kanye and Jay-Z, ………#NuffSaid. I’m going to run and get it the second it’s out #Gbam. I’m a diehard Kanye fan so putting Baba Jay in the mix? Once again #Nuffsaid.

With our powers combined...We are pure Awesomeness!

But, to be completely frank with you, what I’m really waiting for is “Angles” by the Strokes, my long time favorite. I heard their new single and it totally blew me away. It’s called “Under cover of Darkness” and it has a Pharrell Williams feel to it; the ultimate mix, classy but trendy. We all know how cool the Strokes have always been right? With their retro fashion, their crazy distortion and 8-track mixing. All I can say is “Voltron”! What does Voltron have to do with the strokes, u may ask? I answer this to you…retro, cool, timeless and basically just the shiiiit.

Aha! I also cant wait for the new Chester French mixtape “Jacques Jams Vol.2” alongside their new album this year. Volume 1 was utterly awesome, it made me laugh so hard sometimes stuff came out my nose, no really, stuff like Fanta. But Chester French are the true definition of music geeks. Harvard grads and signed to Pharrell’s Startrak so…epic coolness. Like that Fonzy feeling, you know.

"Ayy! Whys this Joey biting my steez?"

But I’m not here to bore you with music news, I just hope to entertain you with a few words once in a while, and I can’t wait to be back. But do remember this……..Chris Brown with his Eminem blonde hair (Chrisqo, they say) is pretty awesome (Yeah, I said,  Adele’s “21” is off the chain, like me singing “rolling in the deep” in the shower kind of awesomeness (Barney Stinson awesomeness). Then did you know Justin Bieber cut his hair? Im no hater but…..c’mon the kid loks like Ellen degeneres #JustSaying. And Finally,…..

……..Sinzu is sinzu. Don’t dull

PS I think you should give Saeon a listen “Recover From You (Ma Fi Mi Le)” is full of potential…I’m quietly addicted. Peace!

PSS O! Did I mention that “Da rip off the mixtape” (Oluwasaucekibaba) is out….Sauce Kid back in the building….I’m still in the listening stage though but go get it……..

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