Kimlee La Fusionista – Say Hi To Kimleestar

KimLeeStarA friend of mine was trying to put me together verbally the other day and said “You’re just different; you don’t do things like anyone else.” This could have put me out of sorts but in that moment I had to take ownership of that and keep on.

It got me thinking it’s time to be honest about this. Things are always a little left field, but then I realized I’ve been playing left field for 25 years, yet I never know enough; never learn enough.

A left fielder…for life.

So what exactly do I do? iLive. And who am I? A “Fusionista.”

What exactly is a “Fusionista”?

Well this Fusionista is a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, mentor, full time advocate of love, writer, part time fashionista, part time hippy, bohemian and also a philosophy, photography, religion, music and dance enthusiast who has done everything under the sun from slamming spoken words with some of the best, recording vocals for albums to dancing for legends and promoting and sharing some of the greatest sounds to be made in this modern era.

Fashion? I’ve sat front row at major fashion weeks, opposite many elites, been around the “right” people in all black “everythings” who also turned out to be the wrong people which ultimately led me to the “real” people. Straight up.

Photography? I’ve been published, traveled north, east, south and west, and delivered some of the best work I never thought I could do to people who have been so happy just to have a print sitting in their homes.

Some may argue that nothing is real, but when you’ve seen the things I’ve seen, been the places I’ve been, been blessed the way I’ve been blessed, there’s just no room for denial.

Love is real.

I’m beyond any box and I’m okay with this.

What does being a Th3rdCulture Kid mean to me? It means I’m me, there’s a place for me, a place where my enthusiasm is welcomed and not feared, a place where no room exists for doubt or backlash or bitterness, a place where it’s okay to love the way I love, okay to feel the way I feel, okay to work the way I work and not have to apologize for being overly passionate about the amazing opportunities I come across on my path. KimLeeStar 2

You see, it’s not about luck, it’s about awareness and understanding that where you are today is all about the leg work you put in, and I decided a little while ago to keep things Zen. When I’m not living, I’m wasting.

So if you really want to know, really want to hear more about the cool things that come my way, keep it locked on Th3rdCulture because I learn so many things I think should be shared with the other kids saying things like… “I was born in England, raised in Scotland, Holland, England, Nigeria, Canada, Dubai, Oman, Japan, and Poland… I’m Naija 4 Life, but now I’m Canadian. What the hell am I doing here?”



About th3rdculture

This is a place to go for entertainment, information and inspiration. It’s a place of escape, where you can find completely original content in the forms of written work by our esteemed Writers and great visuals courtesy of our Arts team. Creativity is gift which we want to share with the world, we're here to take you to places you can only imagine.
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