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I’m not one to stutter, so please pardon any typo’s you may have read in my last post. Now, with that aside, you’re in for a good one. The music industry’s made a stunning discovery. A brand new formula (so to say) that works without losing its musicality or being completely hook-dependent, like such known formulae as the souljah boy formula…..or being heavy beat dependent, like such known formulae as the souljah boy formula. (lol, what? You know what I mean.)

Alex Da KidBut the new formula of which I speak , is from the Grammy award winning producer and his sidekick. “Who?” you ask? Which producer and boy wonder do I speak of?  Well, non-other than Alex Da Kid and Skylar Grey. For those of you do not already know the production wit of the very wonderful Alex da kid, let me remind of a few songs in the recent years that have been chart toppers and that you had your head bobbing, quite regularly to.

  1. “going in”- Kardinal Offishall
  2. “I need a doctor”- dr.Dre
  3. “words I never said”- Lupe fiasco
  4. “love the way you lie” part 1 &2 –Eminem & Rihanna
  5. “massive attack”- Nicki Minaj
  6. “castle walls”-T.I
  7. “airplanes”-B.O.B
  8. and finally “coming home”- Diddy-Dirty Money


    "...and great defense as well"

WARNING: If you have not heard any of these songs on the reading of this article, I suggest you stop, drop and roll, because you must be in some type of hell on earth, where  music does not exist, if I may say so.

And as for his sidekick, Skylar Grey? Well you would have first heard her as herself, Holly Brook, on the hit single “Where’d you go?” by Fort Minor, which rocked my world back then, to say the least. You know, boarding school, hiding to jam up in the laundry area, in empty jacked door classrooms or at the least after lights out. Oh! The sweet memories. Oh Well!

Skylar Gray

Moving on, this killer combo has been blasting through our radios, earphones, laptops and any other such device music may come out from (Yes! Lips are included……but no other orifices…..*snicker*) and they have been steady rocking our worlds. But, little did you know that our good friend, Alex, used to be a soccer player, for Bristol city in fact. So next time u hear “can I kick it?” well, he definitely can (pun very much intended).

The slightest glimpse of doubt may cross your mind about this deadly duo and what makes their “brand” worthy to be praised by “the music geek”. But, I promise you this, with beats like massive attack (hip-hop-electro-alternative-fusion-grunge-esque) and with the song writing skills of that songbird Skylar, the industry is just their playing ground. I urge you to expect more from them in the coming year, be ready for them to blow your brains out and while you’re at it, expect more from me too….and just by the way, I can’t wait for  the deadly duo of which I have spent this entire article going on about, to do a collabo with Mr Kanye west. That would be a dream come true, and for their “in-the-works” album of course, we’ll let you know when we know more.

Music geek out.

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2 Responses to The Music Geek – Good Formula

  1. MrTuneri says:

    that’s just crap jor! Skylar Grey or Holly Brook Is Gr8 tho, I Don’t Agree With Your of Alex Da Kid, Just A Few Hits and Tis Not Like His Beats Are So Dope Anyways, Don’t Wanna Be A Critic Buh I Do Not Like Undeserved Hype Jor!

  2. Seun says:

    Skylar has a great voice for funky/House beats tho!
    she’d sound uber awesome wiv a beat from someone like Tiesto or Afrojack

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