Introducing – The Pretty.Ugly.Things (P.U.T) Team say hello

We at Th3rd Culture have been telling you about how inspiration is hard to come by and how we are here to be the change. Well, we can’t really go far without telling you about those that inspire us.

Her and Him

The entire team including the writers you have met so far (Puffy, Onyew, Sam, the music geek, Linil KOok and of course myself) have all been greatly influenced at one time or another directly by P.U.T and their visually stimulating prowess.


feel it

Inspired by music

Fly as I wana be

They wow us with their open minded, out of the box thinking and inspire the creative fire in all of us. If we are not talking out story-lines of books we are yet to finish, we are fleshing out characters whom we have come to love in our heads. I really could go on and on so let me just have you say hello to Ameena and Ekene.


Say hi to Ekene - My Brother from another mother

Meet Ameena – Talented and Amazing

Our resident artists have a comic (which I have promised you all we shall have on here soon) and I know I have a sweet tooth for the plot and characters. “Lunch Box Fantasy” is a tale of adventure and bravery set in Nigeria (well an alternate version anyway) and I don’t want to give too much a way so just have a little look see.

lunchbox fantasy

lunchbox fantasy



lunchbox fantasy

Lunchbox Fantasy Front cover

I love how P.U.T is in almost every aspect of life. Just check out the diversity and remember they are on our team (lol…)

robot love

"Ghost in the shell" eat your heart out

educate us

If you dont stand for something, youll fall for anything



raffia soul

raffia soul


I am Robot...Hear me blast-you-with-my-laser

So, this was just a sneak peek into the graphics and art we have been promising. Poetry, reviews, short stories and so much more. Coming soon. We care so you know we’ll always be there.

Check out their work on FB and become a fan, or at


About th3rdculture

This is a place to go for entertainment, information and inspiration. It’s a place of escape, where you can find completely original content in the forms of written work by our esteemed Writers and great visuals courtesy of our Arts team. Creativity is gift which we want to share with the world, we're here to take you to places you can only imagine.
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