Illusions Of Grandeur – Meet Me At Orile

On some random day, when I was walking home, I heard a bus conductor screaming out

“Orile! Orile!!”

The conductor dey hold change o! Make sharp!

And in my head, there was this hunger, this urge to just jump on and see where life takes me. I was just about to do and feed my urge when it started raining; so, I ran under a pedestrian bridge for shelter and waited for it to subside. I told my friend my wacky idea and he just chuckled… his exact words I believe were:

“That’s the spirit, mate! Go ahead! That’s the writer’s spirit… seriously, just go and I bet you’ll have a story to tell regardless”

After hearing such great and inspiring words, what do you think I did? Of course, I didn’t follow it but, where am I going with this? You’ll see.

“The Revolution will be televised!”


Deuces much?

This is a very common statement in this day and age. I don’t know who said it exactly but when whoever said it; I never guessed that it would be here so soon.

New genres of music spring up with new generations, some disappear overtime or become less prominent (can you remember when Reggaeton was all you listened to? My point exactly). Anyway, I bet you’ve heard of the far east movement (like a G6, Rocketeer), dev and the Cataracs [Campa & Cyrano] (bass down low, back seat)… they are the inventors of Indie Pop, a commercial transition between mainstream pop, LMFAO’s alternative dance hip hop and their own specialized noise formula that works like a charm.

But for me, the revolution began with my discovery of the one and only “Master Shortie” (for those that do not know him …on your mark, get set, start your search engines) I got enlightened of his presence/ musical magnificence through our very own, Puffy, and I was wooed not only by his lyrics but by his sound. Master Shortie sounded like a new school old school (a bridge between the funky hip hop and the new age “grime-electro” sound). This was way before the new boys, so imagine a cross between kriss-kross of back then and the new boys of now with a pinch of electro all in one person… awesomeness. I jammed his album, ADHD, till I don’t know, tomorrow?

He was the pioneer of a new style of music. To me, the pioneer of the Indhip Pop revolution (that coinage took my brother and I hours to come up with and it’s quite a laughable name, if you ask me) But, funny enough, to my surprise, he wasn’t the owner of this new niche that was causing orgasms to my ears, the originator of the beautiful masterpiece that is “Indhip Pop” is Labrinth.

Labrinth (a.k.a. Timothy McKenzie) produced most of the tracks on Master Shortie’s album, that makes him the inventor of this new commercial yet grunge mixed-genre niche that produces successes. And, even though he’s known as producer and guest-featured on such BRIT award winning tracks such as “pass out” and “frisky” on Tinie Tempah’s Disc-overy album; he was signed as a solo artist on “all-knowing” Simon Cowell’s record label. Well, we all know Simon Cowell knows talent and Labrinth’s voice goes ahead to prove his worth. If by any chance, you have heard the “do it like a dude” remix by Jessie J, Labrinth was the genius behind the masterpiece.

Simon Cowell

Nice one! He wasnt even on a reality show

What is this revolution I speak of? “Indhip Pop”? It’s a combination of mainstream hip hop, electro, grime and Indie pop. It’s what happened when euro trance music became an international fad. There is hardly an artist that does not involve themselves in this new music style. In fact, aforementioned prodigy producer, Alex Da kid is a participant in this music style.

Such artists as Kano, Skepta (Grime kings); Emeli Sande, Ellie Goulding (Electro-pop Songbirds) and Professor Green, Devlin, Chipmunk, Example (Rappers) show a steady transition into this new niche. Albums like “Method to the Maadness”(Kano); “Doin’ it again”(Skepta); “Disc-overy”(Tinie Tempah); even songs like “I need a doctor”(Dr. Dre); “the show goes on”(Lupe Fiasco); “backseat”(The New Boyz) just show how universal this style is becoming in this new age. And it’s taking over all mainstream forms all over Europe and the United states (our centres of international music) and just like the David Guetta-led Euro Trance movement, everyone wants to be a part of it.


...add some sugar and spice to your life

This brings me back to my first few words. In this world of many options and choices and little decisions making big impacts, are you ready to experiment with the norm and start a world wide fad? Are you ready to take that Orile bus and see where life takes you? I bet the starters of this revolution did…

So my advice to you… try a new thing everyday; be ready to take risks; try to experience a new thing everyday, you never know what you might learn…

PS. Does anyone wonder what’s up with that Jessie J chic? British Lady Gaga much? Well, no! Her whole grunge, lady-gaga-esque thing is just her publicity, most of her songs are awesome balladic commercial R & B… she has prospects in the industry.

…till next time

Music Geek Out


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  1. tola says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww men
    you really have only one nice article
    Epic fail.

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