02Alternative Thinking – Advertising, there’s no escape

We live in an ever-changing world and everyday we learn new things which change our perceptions or generally alter the way we view previously conceived ideas. The internet, mobile technology, satellite TV and all the wonderful advancements of our age just help to connote the fact that times will keep changing. And as a society, we’ve been slowly changing to fit in.

“Wow….So much detail, Looks like the crocks r real!”

For example, growing up I played an Atari with 16bit graphics and used to stay up at night dreaming about the levels and game play, then at about my seventh birthday we got a Nintendo Entertainment System. Just as I was learning the ins and outs of Mario, the Sega genesis was introduced. With this, we all entered said wow to the amazing new “3rd” button on the control pad. But before our love for the speedy hedgehog was well placed we got the Super Nintendo. Once again we didn’t complain but just asked our parents to get one….by age 10 we had the Playstation and N64….then there was the dream cast.


No theres a sexy piece of equipment

With each one, the game play changed a little and the time between improvements reduced drastically. So to sum up my point, I bought an Xbox 360 a few years ago and now the Playstation 3 and Wii are tugging on my heart-strings. Technology advances so fast and no one wants to be left behind, so we do what we can to advance with it… Give a child today an Atari game and they’d look at you funny. Games today don’t only come in 3D and HD, they keep getting harder. The tasks are more complex and challenging, so to keep up, our brains have to step things up.

Yep, TV is really good for you… (I sure hope the sarcasm is coming across properly)

This is just shows how technology influences general societies way of thinking. Consumers watch satellite TV on their high-definition screens and surf the ever advancing internet. Sales men spend more time bombarding us with subliminal sales pitches from every angle on what we need to fit in our world today. And yes, we all fall for it and smile as we feel we’ve bought things we need.

Think about it, the mobile phone market was a drastic change in our lives that we all take for granted. Years ago most people walked around with little phone-books and some change, but now we can’t go a couple of days without calling the guy in the room next door to turn the noise down.

Advancements like this change entire countries one person at a time, and that’s what most firms are hoping for. Because if we realize we don’t need half the things we long for, then a lot of people will lose their jobs.


This much blood can be found on Barney these days

Another thing I noticed, is the desensitizing effect of TV. A while ago showing a female nipple on the screen was set for after 10pm and the amount of blood allowed on the screen at any one time was measured. But today only gratuitous sex scenes are being checked and the way the “cheerleader” dies doesn’t matter as long as it looks real. Kids don’t cringe easy, not to mention actually get scared. Go watch “Willy-Willy” now and see how silly it looks. Even with cartoons, I burst out laughing at some sexual innuendo (the mice said something homoerotic to the ogre or something) and it occurred to me that some of my little cousins were laughing and others where asking me to explain the joke…I had to make something up because I didn’t want my aunt asking why I told her 9-year-old what “Tea bagging” was (and if you don’t know, just move on).

So generally, the recent developments in society today have spawned a lot of different ways of thinking, acting and living. People today expect the things they buy to improve their lives, make them healthier, happier, better looking, more popular etc. so the product creators and sellers have to spend more time making their products more appealing. We the masses then have to adapt with the times, so in essence the advertisers create a vision of what we should want and need, and we as consumers believe their predictions and try to live accordingly. It’s a vicious circle I know, but I don’t make the rules, I just thought you should know. Now please excuse me as I run out to place the order on the PS3, y’all got me thinking about it too much.

Advertising works…Don’t be deceived



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  1. melo says:

    Rocking contra on the SNES, those days……double dragon and stuff

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