Readers Contribution: Diary of a BB addict by Lucy

Diary of a BB addict.


Sometimes words are your only option

– I have now been disconnected for 22 hours.

I have no idea what’s happening in the world beyond me. I feel expunged from the twitter universe.

I have succumbed to absent minded impulses to reach for my phone and enlighten myself with the Google search function, only to remember that I can’t.

My hand quivers over my phone, as I long to check if I have any I.M’s. I stop myself from picking it up just in time, as I remember that I am presently on a self imposed exile in the land of “No-BIS”.

I wait, I wait in vain for a sound from my phone. Anything to say the world misses me too. Now the ones who truly love me are apparent. *Sad face bbm smiley*. Lol


They say Im addicted, I just say I like my BB a lot

– Now it’s been 36 hours

I find myself picking up the phone to play games or even music. Anything that reminds me that it’s here. My battery power for once is holding up. But I realize that I would rather have low battery power and have the power to communicate, than be crippled but have battery power.

– 48hours in.

I woke up and could not resist the urge to check my tweets. See what had happened overnight. But then I remembered I could not, so I came to u to make an entry instead.

– 60hours


"And yeah, this is me with my 1st BB...."

I’m back I thought I could cope. Aaw goodness why didn’t I download that BB application where you can send free texts? Oh no, wait, that wouldn’t have worked either because I have to have BIS.

I just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I look deranged. With nothing to fall to, I have begun picking at strands of my hair. I wasn’t always like this you know, I used to be very occupied with magazines, novels, etc. I didn’t know BIS had defined a new way of living. I now read articles online.Th3rd Culture, AllthatisgoodaboutNigeria, to name a few.

What’s happening to me? In a Smallville theme-song voice/tune; “somebody saaaaaaavvve me!!!”

-63 hours in and someone heard that my last call and saved me.

This will be my last entry. Finally in M.I’s voice; “I’M BACK”



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3 Responses to Readers Contribution: Diary of a BB addict by Lucy

  1. Anderson070 says:


  2. Stephanie Okoh says:

    Mehn, u need BB rehab dear! LOL.. I can so relate to this. GLO was nice enough to let me get a taste of it for about 5days.. That’s what, 120hrs?? Not funny..
    Nice one.. 😉

  3. Funke says:

    Aaaww thanks ppl. 120 hrs I’d have gone madt!

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