thelinilshow: Journals of Mr. KoOk – Amidst grass, my weed you’ll find

*(amidst grass, my weed you’ll find)


"Amidst grass, my weed youll find"

Brown hair on a first day. Unkempt and all about with your hair… Odd, like me… Odd u… Odd me… Odd, cuz we need no glue…

But even I have to admit, sometimes… U out-scale the term “different”… We’re a very, very small “unlike”… Verily by little, “different”… & such types, they say, do attract… More concerning is the result: so very obviously bad… But we’re odd in our care, for we lack true concern.

We’ll meet, and surely combine. The results are many, & just 1 is my kind of good. Still I took your hand as you ruin all that I loved. I follow, and follow… To where my past means loss.

I follow, and devote, & I dare not look back. I dare not to blink, nor try to speak. I think my loss, and see my love. We both won’t say, but both understand…

Or Don’t we???

Odd as we are, is odd as they come, but If you hold my hand and wreck my world, I won’t fight or complain and you know it.

Odd as this may seem, though we’ve not yet met, and none of this has happened. I write and I ask you please, don’t take my insanity from me.

Odd as this may seem, allow that I show you they in fact, do rightly call it insanity… It’s insanity, true!!! But it’s nothing wrong… Just like you snooping and finding this like you should, is nothing wrong… Odd as the fact I wrote this years back, as a letter never to be delivered, but sniffed out and found and read by you.

It’s yours, why did they hide this from you, when it clearly was addressed at you??? Who else was first day on the job??? Who else had your lax brown hair??? Their excuse was your inexperience… Well, you’ve been here ten years today… And they still don’t want you to have this??? I wonder what the new excuse is this time??? Why they don’t want you to have what’s yours as you like??? You: your letter, and me: my insanity!!! We both will leave here with what’s ours… You: my letters, and me: you… Think this through for André and Kate. Trust me again with your ears and heart. Only someone you trust will know your kids unnamed. Its odd, I know… But still, its true.

linil KOok.


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