02ALTERNATIVE THINKING – We can do better


Free your mind

So, I just found this old bit I wrote and well it turned out to be quite appropriate to how I feel right now. Things are hard, work is tasking and the social life is not really going as great as it used to. A friend sent me a message asking why I don’t talk so much anymore and how come they don’t see me? The initial reaction was to rant and rave about how hard life is for me and target that sympathy vote but upon reading the below I was taken back to a more positive mind-set. It may have been years ago but this was me.

Happy and trying to make a difference:

“It’s easy to think life’s a drag when you crawl along day-to-day whining n moaning about a late bus or a missed phone call, when within ourselves we all have the potential for greatness.

I write this not to mock anyone’s suffering or missed meeting caused by said late bus, but because I myself have realized the failing in my thought process. Ideas are the main stay of our civilization, Einstein had an idea, Malcolm x had one too and just these two men from differing generations have caused great change in the path of our communal growth as a planet.


The power of an idea

So the way I see it. If just these two men can actually change our course as a planet in this vast and endless universe then why can’t I? Why can’t you? Most of us don’t even dare ask this question because not only are we afraid of how petty our excuses are, but we are actually scared we may be somebody.

We may be someone more than we have been our whole lives. “Life is the time God gave us to figure out what we want to do for eternity”…I read this somewhere and a life is a long time. Find a 6-year-old and tell them the short time they’ve spent on earth is meaningless and the look in their eyes should tell you that no matter how short life is….it is beautiful and full of potential.

6 yr old

"What do you mean, life is short? Ive been up all day!"

We can make a difference; all we need to do is try.”

Ups and downs are going to come but the fact is that we can all do something positive if we work at it. Not necessarily quit our jobs and become visionaries, just start by voting. It’s a start, pick the right person for the right reasons and we will be able to get where we need to be.

At your job suggest ways to make things easier or help an old lady cross the street. Every little bit helps.

I couldn’t help but smile when i read this. I was taken back to that day, that feeling I had and how reading a quote inspired a longing to do more. I hope this time the feeling lasts, because yes, life does throw a lot of curve balls at us. But the trick is to find your footing and whack that thing out of the park.

Tough time will keep coming so we humans are resilient. Lets keep working at happiness and not give up and wallow like I just did.



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2 Responses to 02ALTERNATIVE THINKING – We can do better

  1. Funke says:

    Hmmmm the strength to stop whining and do something. Encouraging words Jite

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