POETRY CORNER – I Seek Amy by Dark Sage

I Seek Amy

coffee love

Would I say I’m in love?

Or would I just be “miss-yanning”

There’s all this buzz inside of me

Flashing Images in my mind.

My thoughts have gone all fuzzy

And my strong heart is all soft

Emotions flowing into my head

Feelings quell my libido loft.

Confusion comes and seems to stay

Why do I feel like this?

Why do I write this so?

Why do I want and feel I need her?

I’ve never ever believed in love

Is this how it feels?

Is this just a façade?

Or am I just too dumb to know what I’m feeling?

I want her here right now

I want to hold her

I want to feel her

I need …………….. her

She’s all in my brain

I’m so whipped!

I never thought this would be me

But here I am.

Emotional yet unexpressive

I’m lost in the doubt of what exists

Is it mutual?

Does she feel the same way too?

Or is she just playing with me?

Like I thought I was playing with her.

Love is too strong a word

But whatever I’m feeling is overwhelming me

It is overcoming

And the fact I’m writing this proves it’s here.

by Dark Sage


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4 Responses to POETRY CORNER – I Seek Amy by Dark Sage

  1. Funke says:


  2. Jingle says:

    so true……..
    well said..

  3. keep rocking……………..

  4. lunawitch15 says:

    it’s so beautiful and sweet!

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