The Music Geek is back from the hiatus away from the walls of the wonderful world of Th3rdculture; and back with a vengeance, I’m going to give you all a rundown on the good stuff I dug up (in-depth and my longest article yet); have really missed the Th3rdculture universe, but the articles have kept me going, kept me well entertained, informed and inspired. Kudos to all the contributors! (Best not to name names, might get emotional and this isn’t even an award show so… “…you would have let me finish but…”)

What a Weekend!!! Mine just flew by so fast, but not without a revelation or two. Unlike most, my weekends are full of more than just socializing, social events and anything that can be termed as “fun with friends”. What makes my weekends great is music. Because, only on the weekends can you literally just lie down, headphones banging for hours (not that I actually did that this weekend… Note to self: need new headphones, laptop speakers will no-longer do). So, let’s get down to it then.

Sponge Bob Square pants! Now, I have your attention. The new generation of young hip hop is incredible. From the rap stylings of Diggy Simmons (I regard this “awesomeness-ness-ness”. Who would have known Rev Run was hiding this), Mac Miller (and the rest of the XXL Freshman ’11) to the production AND artistry of Bei Maejor (Think: juicy beats, married wicked vocals, had a daughter, whose son birthed him with hip hop… too much? Naaah!), they are goooooooo- “wait for it!” –ood.


"Got Class?"

There’s just something about Diggy’s flow and vocal quality that, without even listening to the lyrics, got your head bobbing. As for Bei Maejor, he’s already Grammy-nominated for his songwriting; has 4 production credits on Keri’s “No Boys Allowed”; is responsible for “Speakers Going Hammer” (Literally). Ever wonder who produced “Black Roses” or “Blind” by Trey Songz or even “Not Anymore” by Letoya? (Yes? Well, me too) He’s fresh out of College in ’08 and rocking the industry; with 3 mixtapes out already since his signing to Jive in January ‘10. If you think these guys are young? You need to hear Def Jam signed 10-year old rapper, Lil’ Niqo. He already has a song with DJ Khaled.

Age is in the eyes of the mic-holder

So, all this goo-oodness got me mixtape-searching. I stumbled on The Good Boys’ “The Art of Feeling”. Know that feeling when you have too much of a good thing? Well, I don’t, but for those who do, bet you’d get it from these guys. Two pierced and tatted white boys with “goo-ood” lyrics, hooks, melodies and tight ass production, all to their credit #NuffSaid.

Tha Carter IV is due out in May (getting goose bumps here) and Lil’ Wayne’s been getting his hands (or should I say lips?) on a lot of hits (as usual), like Kelly Rowland’s “motivation” (her highest up the billboard chart for album coming up later this year) #NuffSaid. If you think Chrisqo is not over Rihanna, put your hands up… (1, 2, 3…Okay, put down your hands). I was jamming up F.A.M.E and I think most lines are subliminals to her. He says “Oh Na na!” a lot now surprisingly, even on “Get back up” T.I. featuring him. #NuffSaid. I’ve finally listened to Lupe Fiasco’s LASERS. What can I say? It’s a commercial success but I refuse to reserve my comments. It sounds all bubblegum-pop and super mainstream. You would hardly know its Lupe. Even lyrically, he cooled down on the tongue-twisting, mind-bending wordplay. It’s a good album but no way a typical Lupe Fiasco record. Record Label Execs are to blame, I guess.

Aha! Frank Ocean (of recent urban legend)’s group (Odd Future) got on rapper, B.o.B.’s nerves (so I guess their controversy’s gotten someone’s attention). He made a diss track called “No Future”, probably a response to a line in (Odd Future member) Tyler the Creator’s song “Yonkers”, “I’ll crash that f**kin’ airplane that that f****t n***a Bob is in/And stab Bruno Mars in his g****n esophagus/And won’t stop until the cops come in,” (obvious reference to “Airplanes,” B.o.B.’s hit single with Hayley Williams, and his regular collaborator Bruno Mars.) “You see the shit I gotta deal with from these beginners?” B.o.B. asks on “No Future.” He ends the track with, “Body blow, upper cut, I do more than bruise ya/Keep f***in with me, you ain’t gon’ have no future.” Tyler’s already commented via Twitter, writing, “Whoa. I don’t even think the ‘No Future’ song is even a diss. But, I’ve never heard him spit like that. Took me by surprise, cus it’s tight.”




Odd Future

Now back to the older young hip hop stars. What’s the difference between Travis porter, Souljah boy and Waka Flocka Flame? (Even Wiz Khalifa but biased, I’m a huge fan. Taylor Gang! What’s up?) not a Souljah boy fan but how is it that these rappers get daps and pounds from music critics when they are all doing the same thing they were hating on Souljah boy for? What gives? Like Wale, after dissing Souljah boy for wack/no lyrics and content, he does a song with Waka Flocka Flame. (-_-) #NuffSaid?

In other news, I hear the ukulele playing comedian now has a band, “Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers”? (LOL, it’s just another joke, right?) #NuffSaid. The Strokes’ “Angles” is… orgasmic (Don’t look at me like that!). Their riffs are so on point; you don’t even want to know what they are saying. Lykke Li’s new “Wounded Rhymes” is dapper; so much growth from “Novel”. She’s bolder with melodies, more confident vocal strength, not even afraid to go all Santigold-experimental-esque. This makes me crave for new arctic monkeys’. Anoop Desai (of American Idol fame) has started releasing a “zero” series (for throughout the year), experimenting with different genres and voice challenges. “E.T.” by Katy Perry featuring Kanye West (you know I can’t go without mentioning him, right? LOL) is a pretty “bad romance” to me, no? (Awesome video though)


You talking to me?

Finally, on a lighter note, Rebecca black, internet sensation for her song “Friday” (the 13-year-old got a lot of hits on YouTube; even has a wiki page) is looking into not being a 1-hit wonder and looking into a larger career (Good luck, lassie)

P.S. that “Desert rain” song by Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina, catchy no?

Music Geek Out


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  1. Funke says:

    I have to commend you for making me feel so utterly confounded. Half the names are like who? You truly are the undisputed Music Geek! Hats off, Salut(in tony’s voice)!!!

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