SHORT STORY by El Lobito Bueno – The Little Warrior

The Little Warrior

Far away from here, over the savannah and the dusk plains, there was a peaceful village. Peaceful until the Giant Masquerade came.

One morning, the Farmer’s wife ran weeping to the village square. Her daughter had been stolen away. The next night, it was the Fisherman’s girl. On and on for six days.

Every night, the men went out and every morning, came back empty handed. The Little Warrior wanted to help hunt, but they said he was too young. Then, the Giant Masquerade made a mistake. He took the Little Warrior’s sister.

The Little Warrior left that very night with fire in his heart. All he took with him was his grass-cutting machete and his father’s war helmet. The Little Warrior vowed that he would not rest until he made the Giant Masquerade pay for his wicked deeds.

He walked from one end of the land to the other. Though he found nothing, he kept searching. Finally, he heard his sister’s plea. He gripped his machete and said a prayer for battle.

They fought for the length of the night and part of a day, but at last the little warrior struck the giant in it’s dark heart and vanquished the creature.

The village celebrated the little warrior’s great deed when he returned the girls safely to their homes. It was clear that not only was he now a man, he was also a hero.

El Lobito Bueno

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