ON MY HEADPHONES – Bobby Smalls is in the Building!

Us third Culture Kids are everywhere. The mainstream working world is full of Engineering graduates kicking ass in Banks, Doctors following their dreams of programming and well, as a Nigerian it’s no surprise to me that the music scene is slowly changing because of them.

Growing up around the world and tapping into the best of different environments, we see the likes of Jesse Jagz, Neato C and of course Mr Incredible. Lynxxx and Sauce Kid came back to Naija and delivered us what they call “Jollof” Music, as they mixed in the spices of every influence in their lives.

With all this in mind, I have to tell you all about Chukwuka Adigwe, aka “Bobby Smalls”. He’s a hot new Nigerian rapper who is doing his thing and doing it well. The Port-Harcourt raised rapper has learned from his multi-cultural upbringing and, reflects every bit of it through his music. Although mostly underground, Bobby Smalls has been rapping since 2000 in secondary school, back in those days, a lot of people saw this coming.

Since then he has consistently improved and has been lighting up stages with his performances in countries such as Ghana, U.S.A and, Nigeria. Smalls’ music commands attention with his alluring lyrics, powerful vocals and, perfect delivery on tracks. Just have a look at his early music influences, and you will see why he brings the heat every time. As you can tell by his stage name, the legendary Notorious B.I.G. was one of the major influences and recent inclusions to that are Nas, The Game, and J. Cole.

In 2005, Bobby Smalls released his first single “Club Jam” which immediately became a fan favorite (Google is your friend). After that, he released “The Delivery” which featured Port-Harcourt’s own rapper, Rha of Specimen A. Due to the music rights and the beat first used by Mode 9, the song was never officially released, but such is the life of an artist. The hustle goes on.

Now residing in Chicago, the Puscha Records rapper has been working with different producers, especially Duncan Daniels, and the duo have recorded a series of tracks which are rumored to be on his upcoming album scheduled to be released late 2011/ early 2012. Before the release of the album, Bobby Smalls promises to deliver his second mixtape entitled “Before. I. Blow” which already looks to be a hit. Check out the recently released tracks, such as:

– “R.W.M (Roll With Me)” Remix to Rick Ross’ “B.M.F”


So there you have it, another first from the Th3rdCulture crew. Go tell a friend and for more on Bobby Smalls:





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