POETRY CORNER -Ms. Ann Opheles by Dark Sage

Ms. Ann Opheles


The four corners of my bed housed me

Hiding me from the wild outer world

Adjacent to me, she laid, limbs widespread

Tickling me in my ear, she loves foreplay

She was so slim and sexy with her legs so slender

To my surprise, my gaze could not even threaten her

Usually, I would push her and drive her away

Putting all plans of night play away

I would hide under the covers just to tease her

Doing my best not to give her what she wants

Maybe it’s her persistence that irritates me

Or maybe it’s that I’m just being selfish

Soothing her lips with her gentle piercing kiss, she always gives me

Quitting is not in her job description, she always come back

Until the day I slap her delicate smooth face, ignoring her nakedness

I will not rest from her pestering and great thirst

Tonight, she came again to satisfy herself, her body longing for me

Oooh! That stupid mosquito.

Dark Sage.


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2 Responses to POETRY CORNER -Ms. Ann Opheles by Dark Sage

  1. jay says:

    Hmm…are you sure that is mosquitoe you wrote about?

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