So, as the world becomes all technologically obsessed (how can you tweet 60 times in one day?) I found myself trawling the timelines of Twitter. At first all my random quotes and half concluded thoughts flew about the Tweetniverse un-noticed and I thought no one was paying attention. Just when I was about to give up and head back to reality I read a tweet which went; “Why it is that we sometimes have nothing to say”.


With this my brain flicked through 20 topics at once and when it settled I was left with; “How come, no matter how suave or quick witted we are, there is always this one girl out there that’s like Kryptonite to us, all our lyrics, anecdotes and tried and true chat up lines seem to completely evaporate in their presence?” and yes, I have tackled this subject somewhere before but I feel that that time didn’t do it justice. So, like the guy who couldn’t open the jar for his girlfriend would say, ‘lets have another crack at it”.

So first off, I’d like to look at a test subject I know pretty well, me. I can be a fun guy to be around, and well I also tend to have more close female friends than male. With those little tidbits in check, you’d think I should be great when it comes to chatting up the ladies (good grief, if I talk like that it’s no surprise I’m having trouble). But the truth is, as soon as a girl I have the uber hotts for is in the same vicinity as me, my mouth turns to rubber and my tongue seems to have a mind of it’s own (please try not to visualize that….opps, too late).

It’s quite sad really; I get lost for words and in an attempt to cover it up only the lamest, driest, and most dead jokes seem to come to mind.


If you aint got something clever to say, dont say anything at all.

So here’s a great story no one should ever remind me of. Back in the day when PH city was my zones (lol, yeah, I actually say that sometimes). Friends and I were laughing it up and having fun when in walks….”Her” (Don’t ask questions, just take it that her parents had no creativity with names ok?). It was so silly when I think back, because I was the one talking at that time and just like magic my words started getting quieter and shorter and I couldn’t see anyone else in the room. If we were a cartoon I’m sure she would have had butterfly’s and rays of sunlight following her around.

So as people turn so see what I’m looking at, she waves and walks over. Everyone says “hi” but me? Nooooooo, I don’t act like a normal person, that would be too easy. No, I stand up and stretch out my hand like a robot, she shakes it expecting me to say something and whilst all my friends look at me in surprise at the speed my tush left my seat I say “yeah,hiya,I need the bathroom,see ya” and proceed to run (I walked but my mind was telling me RUN RUN RUN) for the toilet.

public speaking

Why do I get the feeling people are watching me?

Honestly, I don’t know what happened, because I have talked to her several times but my mind and body got all muddled up just because “She” was around. Till this day my friends still mimic my “robot shake” and love to tell the tale to anyone they can.

So, why is it that we all get flustered in front of that one person? Even you ladies, I’ve seen the most vivacious babe turn docile kitty-cat in front of some hunk and it gets me wondering. “Was that God’s plan?”, “where we suppose to be all cute and innocent or dumb and blundering in front of the people we like?” I mean, I know it doesn’t happen to everyone, but I think there must be a good reason.

This is just how things are, we see it every day in movies, when the girl walks past and the guy gazes longingly as he squirts ketchup in his tea. It’s just part of our everyday life and to be honest I personally think it takes self drive (or “Ginger” as I like to say) to over come. So next time he or she walks in, tell the butterflies in your stomach to calm the heck down and the sweat ducts in your palms to bugger off, cause no one like a sweaty handshake. With that done, step up to them and act like they are just anyone else (HA!). As usual, advice is easier said than done, but what do you have to lose? Anythings better than gawking at them and saying “urrr…Hi, your eye balls look nice”.


Im not nervous, I just had a light lunch.

Still, why does this happen and though in some cases the loss of words dies down eventually and can even be a blessing (blabber mouths are everywhere), what else can we do? Because you know what they say about first impressions meaning everything.


Ello Ello Ello, what ave we ere?

As for me? I need to figure something our because I have run away from Toolz more times than I’m proud to admit and don’t want to be face to face with a certain radio presenter and say “urm…nice eyeballs” or “hello, I need to go to the bathroom”.



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2 Responses to 02ALTERNATIVE THINKING – Say What?

  1. Funke says:

    U and ur crush on Toolz. U made some solid points. I like being older though cos these feelings were Soooooooooooo much worse wen I was younger

  2. mookey says:

    know wat yoo talkn’ bote… for me tho’, that was ages ago… cant remember the last tym me went all goofball cossa a gal……. anyway, every1 probly has some1 that they moo-moo for.

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