POETRY CORNER – Dear Lady by Dark Sage

Dear Ladywalking+away+with+none

They say that ignorance is true bliss

The fact that you don’t know me disproves this

If we were together, I’d guarantee happiness

What bliss exists in your “me”-less existence?

I saw you see me from across the room

And then the track playing in my earphones stopped

An urge welling up within me, I was consumed

I was going to talk, but then my guts flopped

I don’t believe in love at first sight

I believe you only know once you’ve had a bite

But those three seconds were an eternity,

I guess I should rethink that philosophy

I still stole glances as you walked away

And I never did guess I’d be writing this

All these volatile emotions at bay

Giving me these words and lame lyrics

But there’s just one thing I want to let you know

For that chance, I’ll be here

And as tomorrow never dies, we’ll see again

Even if it’s just a glance or glimpse we share


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