THE RAMBELNG RECLUSE – Who Killed Dele Odeyemi


 Friday, September 4, 2009 at 12:57am

I can’t remember any of it… They tell me I did it… They tell me I was the culprit.


"We have ways to make you talk"

Truly, the only thing I remember, is seeing the blood on her hands as she walked away. I don’t even know who she was. I remember that morning, it was raining and I was put off because I had planned to go to the market. So I put off my phone because if anyone had called me, I would have pissed off a bunch of people.

I spent the day indoors, tidying up the house, after that I picked up Daphne Du Muarier’s “Rebbecca” and read for a few minutes. I read it until I got a migraine, and it was midday by then, so I took a Midol and half a Valium. In about half an hour I was dead to the world.

That is all I remember about that day. Why won’t anyone believe me?

Okay, okay so I sort of recall a lady walking out of my room… that should clear me right? Wrong? They say it means one of two things, either I remember more than I say I do, or I made her up to defend myself. They continuously ask me who this mystery lady was… why there was no sign of her in the house, why I was splashed in his blood. When I tell them I don’t even know who he is, they ask me why a lot of witnesses have seen us together recently?

That draws a blank in my head! Am I going mad!??? Who the heck is Dele Odeyemi? How did he get into my house? Why even? Who killed him? Why?… All these questions and a few more run through my mind.

They say, “Don’t leave town!”, I’m a little confused, where would I run to even if  I wanted to leave, I have no family outside Lagos and very few friends even within the city. Plus, my curiosity has been aroused, I won’t be satisfied till all of my questions have been answered.

So I made up my mind to stay in town…..

And find out who killed Dele Odeyemi?



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