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So as a brief introduction I will have to say that the Mini Mag “IT ANSWERS” is new on the scene and is out there helping everyday people, with everyday problems.

The technology out there keeps changing and advancing and a lot of people need a heads up once in a while, so from Blackberry shortcuts to how to start a blog, IT ANSWERS is guiding you all the way.

So here is an article about the oh-so-loved Twitter from last months issue, and from time to time we will be getting the info right from the team at IT ANSWERS.


Twitter is a Miniature Blog, Micro-blogging if you will, which is defined as a quick update usually containing a very limited number of characters. It’s a popular feature of social networks like Facebook where you can update your status, but it has become best known because of Twitter. Facebook incorporates your pictures, background information and is all about finding out how people are. But Twitter is quick direct and more about the present.

Basically, micro-blogging is for people who want a blog, but don’t want to blog. A blog can keep people informed on your life, with stories and articles but not everyone has the patience. Sometimes, you just want to say “went shopping for a new car but didn’t find anything”.

So basically, Twitter (which means to Chirp) is a great place for keeping people informed on what you are up to without having to craft an entire article on the subject. You just say what’s up and leave it at that.

Twitter’s Social Messaging. While Twitter may have started as a micro-blogging service, it is grown into much more than just mini updates. It can be described as a cross between blogging and instant messaging, It’s lay out is basic, where all the updates are shown is called your timeline. So Twitter is social messaging, and you can follow people and have followers (Followers are people who can see your updates and the updates you can see on your “Time-line” are people who you follow. Kind of like friends on Facebook, just that it’s only their updates you can see). Now, with the ability to interact with Twitter on your cell phone, Twitter’s become the perfect social messaging tool. Whether you are out on the town with a group of people and want to plan where to next, or keeping people informed of developments at an event, Twitter is a great tool for quickly communicating a message to a group of people. (Your followers can “re-tweet” what you say so all their followers will see it. A great way to share information. When you reply someone’s tweet, it shows up as a different colour on their timeline as a mention. This is because replying includes their twitter name and the “@” sign, so you have mentioned them. When RT “Re-tweeting” this includes your original message for your followers to see, so you can add your message to that and keep everything in context even if you reply 10 hours later.)

Twitter is News Reporting. Turn on CNN, or any other news-reporting service and you’ll likely see a news ticker streaming across the bottom of the screen. In a digital world that is relying on the Internet more and more for news, that streaming ticker is Twitter.

Outdoor festivals, major events like the E3 conference have all shown what a great resource Twitter can be for quickly reporting news to a large group of people, or even like what happened in Egypt. Faster and more immediate than a blog, Twitter has been embraced by the “new media” of the blogosphere and has slowly won acceptance among traditional media outlets.

Twitter is Social Media Marketing. Twitter’s has become a favorite target for social media marketing. It’s even been used effectively by Barak Obama during his Presidential campaign, and is used by everyone from magazines to movie stars as a quick way to connect with an audience. With utilities like Twitterfeed, it is easy to convert an RSS feed into Twitter updates. This makes it easy to use Twitter as a form of social media marketing and advertising, so people like 50 cent who have a a lot of followers, charge for mentions in their tweets. Imagine how many people will see your brand if Kanye west Tweets about you? A lot of awareness can be gained through twitter so its marketing capabilities should never be undermined.

So “What is Twitter”? Its many different things, to many different people. It can be used by a family to keep in touch, or a company to coordinate business, or the media to keep people informed or a writer to build up a fan base. So therefore, Twitter is micro-blogging. It is social messaging. It is an event coordinator, a business tool, news reporting service and a marketing utility.

BAM!!! There you have it!

There. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

The IT Crew.


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