POETRY CORNER – End Of Trust by Onyew

Dead End:

The waves crash on the sand

The sand diminishes and erodes

I can’t hold it together with a band

I won’t even traverse those roads,

Try though I might

Where is right?

Echoing hearts

O where should I start?

I no longer am able to trust,

Not myself not any man

All that I touch is as rust

As rust on an old metal can,

Folded inward is my hand

Even though I sink as I stand

No one I trust

With my heart, not even a crust.

I was wrong

For so long

On the wrong path I erred

On it the things most feared

Deemed fit to rear their ugly heads

Blood runs through their beards

Knives clasped in clenched fists

Such fearsome beasts,

Waiting of course to kill

And crush beneath their heels.



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