3RD CULTURE TRAVELS – My Holiday Adventure Pt1

I’ve been thinking and just noticed I haven’t taken a real break in a while. With all the work and stuff, I sure do know the meaning of all work and no play. Everyone is on their hustle and free time is always so hard to find. So as the vacation time was fast approaching, I knew I had to create some time to plan how it should go, because I just had to make the most of it. Many holidays have come and gone and I decided to put my foot down, so that, come the end of the Vaycay, I don’t find myself nagging others and complaining. I used to always find myself at end of my vacation lamenting about “how I wish I had done this or that”.

Hard-work pays off sometimes...

So, with that in mind I did some thinking, browsing and research, only to realize I was wasting precious time as I had friends who could help. So I quickly called up a dear friend of mine, who lives both in London and Basingstoke, we agreed on dates and fun activities we could do at both locations. I then thought, “Hey, why not see as much as possible?” I then had another strategizing session with myself and went on to start linking the friends and acquaintances I had within reach. Before long I had planned and contacted friends and would be hooking up with them in Aberdeen and Glasgow. Now, with that I had joined all the dots, and I could look forward to seeing a lot of England as well as Scotland.

With all the planning and making of calls almost over I thought “hey, what about the rest of it?  Northern Ireland and Wales seemed to have been left out of the whole thing. I didn’t have anyone I could use as a port of call at these locations and to me, companionship makes the journey more fun (Not to mention safer), there were no relatives, close friends or even fren-imies to go see. Besides, to the best of my knowledge the only place I could think of was Wales, where I could have visited the family of an old “friend” of mine, Lady Diana (RIP), but I knew it would have turned out to be the downside of my trip. It has been a while since we have seen anyway (LOL).

Therefore, my plans had been made! England and Scotland it was, this was going to be what I later termed my “Tour de Britain”: Glasgow, Aberdeen, Southampton, Basingstoke and finally the ever so popular London.

And the journey begins...

Tune in Next week and find out how it all went, but in the mean time, have a gander at the JIDZ Limited Edition Collection. Shopping is a way of life and JIDZ Bags compliment it in every way.

See Part 2 Here

Juliet DW


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