IT ANSWERS – Blackberry Short-cuts

Okay, so we have all come to terms with the fact that, yes, Blackberry’s are very important and highly useful. Everyone and their friend has one but not everyone is using them to their full potential.

Fair enough Nigeria is not the best place for bandwidth compliant technology, but we sure know how to make the best of it. There are so many different things we all do with our BB’s; chat, browse, email, make notes, take pictures, etc. But wouldn’t it be great if there were quick ways to get this all done?

Well the crew at IT ANSWERS have just what you need. Here are a short list of BB tips and tricks.

BB Short cuts:

– ­Pressing the Space bar works like Page Down on a computer keyboard, moving down one screen per press. Holding Shift while pressing the Space bar moves in the opposite direction, like the Page Up key. To quickly move to the very top or bottom of a page, press “T” or “B,” respectively. Another way to page down or up through lists is to hold the ALT while scrolling with the ball

– Toggle between running applications, press ALT and the Escape key, then release Escape and use the trackball to scroll through a display of icons that represent running programs until you reach the desired program, and then release the ALT to select that program.

– While in emails, hit “C” to compose a new email. When an email is highlighted, pressing “R” to reply to that message; “L” will reply to all and “F” will forward it. Hitting “J” while an email is highlighted will jump directly to the oldest message in that email chain.

– Organizing messages: Hold ALT and press: “I” will show only incoming emails, “O” will show sent. “P” shows a phone log and “s” displays all SMS’s.

– While typing, pressing the Space bar twice inserts a full stop and capitalizes the next word. The left Shift key and ALT pressed together put on number lock; the right Shift key and ALT are caps lock. Holding any letter down will capitalize it.

– To type a letter with an accent, hold the letter key down while scrolling up or down with the trackball until you find the correctly accented letter.

– While typing, AutoText codes can be used to automatically display certain phrases or information.

  • Typing “mynumber” and a space displays your BlackBerry’s phone number.
  • Typing “LD” and a space displays the local date.
  • Typing “LT” and a space displays the local time.
  • Typing “mypin” and a space displays your Blackberry’s pin.

– To reboot your BlackBerry without press ALT, Right Shift and Delete simultaneously.

– Copy and Paste: Shift+trackball left/right allows you to highlight text. ALT+trackball enter will copy the text. Shift+trackball enter will paste.

Geeky Codes

– To display the “Help Me!” screen, press ALT, Shift and “H” simultaneously. This displays device’s vendor ID, platform, free file space and the exact percentage of remaining battery power on the BlackBerry.

– To change the signal strength indicator from bars to numbers (decibels per milliwatt), go to the Home screen and hold down the ALT button while typing “NMLL.” Strengths of minus 50 to minus 90 are said to be good, while anything higher, like minus 100, isn’t.

There are so many codes and tricks but these really should help out for now. Be sure to keep your eyes out for IT ANSWERS hard copy and also the Website launching soon!


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