3RD CULTURE TRAVELS – My Holiday Adventure Pt2

Always travel light

So where did I leave you all last time? Oh, yeah, I had just decided this holiday was going to be an awesome one. I would take the matters into my own hand and be sure to enjoy it, so I had contacted great friends and planned meet ups all over the place. It was to be my “Tour de Britain” and the cities to be seen were; Glasgow, Aberdeen, Southampton, Basingstoke and finally the ever so popular London.

The time had come to head out for the holiday, Glasgow was the 1st stop on my “Tour”. So for the purpose of writing, I will focus on a few of my dealings in Glasgow and Basingstoke, to bring you all in the loop of all the great things I saw and did.

 Glasgow is a beautiful place; (besides the weather that is) it felt like the home of the arts. On a daily basis you are immersed in all forms of art, from people singing at the top of their lungs in streets, to people playing beautiful music on a wide variety of musical instruments.

 I smiled as I passed the Violin performer, whose stature and carriage was that of an artist on the finest stages. They not only do these street performances to make money, but you could tell a lot of them just enjoyed performing for a crowd. Audience members smiling as they are encapsulated by the performers show, they were always ready to “Put their money in the bowl”.

 Another aspect that intrigued me about this town was the number of Vintage stores it had. Shopping is always a blast, but there really is no feeling like sifting through vintage stores and finding those gems which sparkle only for you. I was zipping in and out of as many as we could find but there was this particular one on Byres Road, in the city’s West End named “VINTAGE GURU”. And I tell you, as the name implies, it’s sure a guru in dealing with vintage items! As you walk in and your eyes meet with all the colours and you are engulfed by the stores ambiance, the treasure hunting can begin. As soon as I stepped in I saw and picked up three pillbox hats (that I think will come in useful someday, lol). And my best buy was a Picasso scarf!!..I looooveeee,looovee,lovee. On the whole my time in Glasgow was great, as you can tell it was the street performers and shopping experiences that really stuck with me. Glasgow was really nice, but next time I’ll be sure to stay longer.

Tune in Next week and find out more, but in the mean time, have a look through the JIDZ Limited Edition Collection. Shopping is a way of life and JIDZ Bags compliment that way of life in every way.

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Juliet DW


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