Tales from “The Book of Agbaroh” – The Guardians pt2

Previously on “Tales From the Book Of Agbaroh”…

Ovo and his little brother Gbeni, just came back from a battle against an evil witch to find out their entire village had been taken as retribution. They had set out to find the evil Jazz men that took their loved ones and had passed through forests, caves and rivers to get to this point. The new battle was ahead and it was time to take action. Ovo headed in the enemy camp alone as Gbeni stayed behind in case of an emergency.


Approaching the enemy camp Ovo sighted a guard and with skill and stealth took him out and put on his mask. His mask only just fit, Ovo’s still growing frame but the disguise was complete none-the-less. He then marched into the centre of the camp and dropped the herbs into the fire. As it burned the fumes dispersed around the campsite and sent all the henchmen to sleep, as the last one dropped the Jazz men knew there was trouble. The one with red face-paint started incantations, while the other in dark blue, looking around began pulling out a gleaming sword. But before it was fully drawn the little warrior had snuck up behind him and with a silent swing of his cutlass, lopped off his hand. As he collapsed to the ground in pain he yelled out an incantation which began changing his form. More hands began to grow from his sides, while is frame grew at least 5 times bigger. Not wanting to know what would come next, Ovo hopped on a stool close by and sliced of its mutating head.

As the blue Jazz mans monstrous head hit the ground, the red painted Jazz man was about to finish his incantation. The fire at the centre of the campsite, which the Jazz man knelt before had grown ten-fold and its roaring flames could be seen from miles around. Within it was the wavy, almost transparent figure of the recently killed witch. The red Jazz man jumped up noticing his partner was dead and quickly rushed towards the flames attempting to pull the witch out. But before this could happen Ovo had flung the stool through the flames hitting him on the head. It staggered back brushing flaming stool pieces from its face only in time to see the little warrior jumping through the flames with his cutlass held high.

As the cutlass was about to pierce the red Jazz man’s heart, he threw up his beads and Ovo stopped moving hanging in thin air centimeters away from his heart. The flames flickered growing larger and the hand of the witch reached out to grab him, but his body swiftly moved out of reach and towards the shaking, retreating rd Jazz man. The frozen body of Ovo flew through the air and his cutlass pierced the Jazz man’s heart and with his death, Ovo fell to the ground on top of now dead body of the Red Jazz man. Looking around in shock, Ovo saw that Gbeni had come closer and was throwing more herbs and spices in the huge roaring flames. Before the evil witch could step out of the flames Gbeni’s growing spiritual skills had put a stop to it.

The flickering witch figure slowly vanished from within the flames and before Ovo had gotten up to Gbeni, she had disappeared. Pulling off the mask and untying the cloth covering his nose Ovo smiled at his brother and they swiftly went on to the next task of tying up the henchmen.  Looking around for the taken villagers, Ovo saw his mother’s necklace wrapped around one of the Jazz men’s wrists and he knew he was getting closer to real answers, but for now would have to settle for more questions.

That evening the little crying boy sat under a large Iroko tree by the outskirts of the neighboring village, as he gazed hopefully at the forest mouth, a smile crept on his face as he saw Ovo, Gbeni and all the missing villagers slowly walk towards him.

Ovo and Gbeni had always been loved in their Village of Agbaroh, for their famous parents and friendly demeanor, but now, life had changed things. The two once sweet boys were forced into manhood and from this day forth did what they had to do to protect their village.

Ovo and Gbeni had become “The Guardians”.

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