IT ANSWERS – Shorten web addresses

How to shorten your web address:

When on the internet there are so many different things to do and oh so many sites to check out, the list is literally endless. The names of the sites really can be very definitive while others are just catchy, but then with all the millions of people in the world carving out their space in the World Wide Web many names are bound to be taken already.

So as a newbie, novice or beginner to the web side of life how do you create a site name without having to make it a sentence? (eg Well, there are now these really helpful sites which make URL’s (that’s the web address) shorter for you.

What they do is basically create a sign board (if you think about it visually) This sign board points to where the actuall site is but saves you the stress of remembering tho long and sometimes complicated addresses. So with “” will become and now you can insert it in your blog without a problem or even send the site link in a tweet without wasting valuable characters.

So here are some of my favorite options, and what’s better is that they are free:

  • allows users to shorten, share, and track links (URLs). Reducing the URL length makes sharing easier.

  • Tiny URL: ( Make email-friendly links. Use on blogs, forums, social networks, instant messages, online publications or ad campaigns. Shorten and track it for business or educational projects.

  • Free Short URL redirection service. Make a long URL short with this service.

  • Isgd: ( is a service that shortens URLs such as web addresses. This is useful in many circumstances

Check them out, register and get shortening.


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