ILLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR – Bradey’s Blog (Virgin Killer)

Entry: 121,
Location: Coffee Shoppe

I have this friend of mine. We call him the virgin killer. He sounds really dangerous, huh? But he’s actually the nicest guy you would ever meet. Actually, his name just happens to be Guy Goodman. He’s British. He transferred to my school in our final year. Well, he’s the definition of metro sexual but he’s definitely not effeminate or anything.

The really funny thing about him is that he’s one of those guys that all the girls love, literally all, but well, he only goes for the “virgins”.

At school, we call all those “holy” girls “virgins” even though we know most of them aren’t. The thing about Guy is that the prettiest and most popular girls are madly in love with him. But, he prefers the geeks and nerds and weird-long-skirt-wearing-bespectacled-low-self-esteem ones. But the reason we all love Guy so much is because by the time he’s done with little miss brace face insecure, she turns into the most beautiful horny devil goddess. You never know how great and cute a nerd is till Guy’s been inside her and then, she comes out of her shell.




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