TH3RD CULTURE TRAVEL – My Holiday Adventure Pt4

In my last installation about the “Tour De Britain” I had just had a long journey from Glasgow (My Vintage shopping heaven) to Basingstoke, and as I hadn’t booked in advance I found myself forking out extra cash for my last minute train ticket purchase. So after whizzing by picturesque country sides I found myself at my new destination. Basingstoke, here I come.


Basingstoke was fantastic. It was just what I needed; very peaceful and great environmental standards as compared to Glasgow, (as much as I enjoyed Glasgow, the general standards of environmental tidiness were sub-par, it was generally low in terms of keeping the environment tidy). After getting used to the fresh air and clean surroundings I decided not to waste any time and get a move on the having fun part of the journey.

I made friends with some members of a prestigious twitter group, filled with mature minds and we all hit it off, we started our paroles, the gym and Spa followed as well, and off course can’t forget the Italian restaurant, “ZIZZI” located on London Street in Basingstoke. However, Zizzi did not start off easy with us, but we were determined. The previous night, we were “bounced” because tables had been reserved for a banks dinner!  Anyway, we dusted our shoulders off and came back the next day, two hours earlier than we did the day before (lol). They remembered us, apologised and treated us warmly and with a lot of care and focus! Now it was time to get our stomachs filled and boy were we happy. Zizzi is a beautifully Italian styled restaurant with all kinds of oils, cheeses and spices at your disposal, friendly staff and warm decor.

Chow Time!

 We started off with the Italian bread board (a fantastic mix of freshly baked olive bread, garlic bread, and etc. and Mediterranean inspired mixed olives bowl) As this whittled down we moved on to our main dish. I had “Penne Della Casa”: a mix of penne rigate, mushroom sauce and some tiny bits of roast chicken that tasted like bacon and off course a glass of white wine to wash it all down. The meal ended with “Mela Croccante”: in my own revision, that’s like really hot apple pie, served with ice cream. (Please be careful, that pie was really hot, it practically burnt my lip). But I will tell you it was worth it.

The overall feel of the meal was great as each dish balanced out the last and the wine sure did a great job of “Cleansing” the pallet. Hey, don’t worry about all the calories I had devoured! I was in the hands of a dear friend who is a self-taught exercise expert and knew I was in for some hill climbing at Northala Fields in London the next day. So all in all Basingstoke was great, the calm relaxed environment served well in maximizing the relaxation level of the holiday and I must admit that one of the highlights was Zizzi, a really nice restaurant.

Breathtaking.....and the view was nice too.

Well for now those are some of the highlights from my Tour de Britain. Hope this might assist you all in the near future, for those vintage lovers or gourmet enthusiasts; be sure to heed my words. Oh and check out parts 1, 2 and 3 if you missed them.

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Thank you for reading.

Juliet DW.

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