ILLUSIONS OF GRANDURE – Bradey’s Blog (Far away love)

It sucks when the one you love is so far away. I’m in love with a girl back in Holland and here I am in Switzerland on a ski trip. It’s not as if I didn’t want to come for the ski trip. It’s definitely going to be fun. But I don’t understand why I’m missing her so much. Okay, I do. I’m in love with her but I didn’t think I’d be the sappy to be hurting like this.

Anyway, the gang and I decided to come for the trip ourselves. We left the rest to take a flight direct to Switzerland. So, we actually left a day earlier because we were going on a road trip. Whoa, that was fun. Never knew Germans could be that crazy. But that’s talk for some other time.

We got to the lodge at like eight. Everybody was bored; couples were in each others laps, geeks in their corner arguing about the star trek movie and generally just everybody being jobless to death. There was no way I left Charlotte to meet this hellhole.

“Let’s have a party!” I yelled as I dropped my luggage at the door.

Everyone was up for it. There was excitement in the air. So I started running around, getting the party in order. I had to get busy. I didn’t want to spend my whole time thinking about Charlotte and dulling myself the whole trip. Whoa, it was a crazy party. Since we were the only ones accommodating the lodge, we just went everywhere. We did whatever we liked. Well, you couldn’t blame us. The chaperone was the youngest teacher in school and he was sleeping with the head cheerleader.

Anyway, as the party went on, things got crazier and crazier, and people got drunker and drunker. It was the definition of a good party. I was the only one I knew that wasn’t even tipsy. So, now, I was bored with loud dance music blowing my ears off.

There was this girl in my class, LeAnn. She had been in my class since I can remember. I’m talking about from like primary school or something. Well, LeAnn and I had had a thing that summer before a-levels started. But, it didn’t work out because she had boyfriend and all three of us were going to the same a-level school. The truth was LeAnn never moved on from me and she’d just been waiting to break up with her boyfriend to get with me. The thing is she had broken up with him a month before the ski trip and well, no one at school knew I was dating way-too-hot because I made the gang swear a vow of silence.

So, I went out into the snow, for a walk instead of watching drunken craze. I thought it would help me get my mind off Charlotte for a bit. I heard a voice call after me so I just ignored it. It was probably one of the drunk.

“Brady!” called LeAnn after me. So I turned and she was the least bit tipsy, “Are you trying to ignore me?”
“No! I thought it one of those drunkards over there.” I replied, faking a laugh at the end.
“Oh! Okay! So, where are you going?”
“I’m just taking a walk to get my mind off things”
“That is one hell of a party you threw in there.”
“So what are you trying to get your mind off?”
“Nothing really. Just am not really in the partying mood.”
As I said that, I felt stupid. I couldn’t tell her about way-too-hot but it doesn’t make sense for me to start a party and not be in the mood for it.
“Yea! That makes sense,” she said sarcastically, then giggled,”C’mon! Let me walk with you. You need company. There might be dangerous things out there. Who’s going to protect you?”
I laughed. “Oh! Well!”

So we left the party together and just hiked through the snow. It was cool. We rekindled old flames but Charlotte was still on my mind so I played it safe and avoided her flirts. Soon, we were far from the lodge and we sat on the snow looking down at it.

“Look what I’ve got.” She said as she pulled out a bottle of fifty percent alcohol Smirnoff vodka.
“C’mon! When did you get all uptight? Here you go, loosen up a bit”
“Oh! Well!” and I snatched the bottle and downed a quarter in one go, came out coughing. LeAnn was laughing.
“Okay, let’s play truth or dare.”
“Just the two of us?”
“Yes! Why not?”
“Oh! Well!”
I said truth for like nine go’s and I had her do some boring dares.
“Okay, this is boring. I’m going back inside. Let’s go”
“For real? The game just started. It’s my turn. Dare.”
I felt bad for bringing her out here and just plain boring her so, I gave in.
“Finally! So, single man, I dare you to give me the craziest French kiss of a lifetime”
“Ummmmm… … okay!”

So I leaned in and pecked her on the cheek and I went down to her neck and then up her chin and then, to her lips. We just connected. The kiss was sensuous. My senses were tingling and Charlotte was the last thing on my mind. Whoa! LeAnn is one good kisser. I just couldn’t stop and neither could she. And then, the alcohol went straight to my brain. That just means that my brain stopped working and my “head” was doing all the thinking now. She pulled out a condom from her jacket and that was the craziest sex I have had in my life, in the cold, soft snow. Coming to think about it now, Charlotte deserved to get cheated on but, I must admit, I was wrong.



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