3C MOVIE REVIEW – X-Men First class

So, welcome to a new section in the Th3rd Culture package. We all love distractions but some times picking the good movies from the bad can not only save you from a bad date, but also keep those pristine images of childhood heroes intact.

With the new wave of books turned movies and comics turned trilogies X-men is quite high up there (higher in some peoples eyes than others mind you). So I decided to help you all out and check out the X-Men Prequel.

Movies come and go, and some really stick with us emotionally, when I went to see the 1st X-Men movie ages ago and was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t stick with me (emotionally as the cast was good but not fantastic), but we did have many a banter session about plot points and the like for ages afterwards. However, after the 1st they made a couple other X-men movies which all fell far far farrr short of my fan-boy expectations (I really could go on for hours but I’ll spare y’all my diatribes).

So when they said it was time for a prequel I instantly re-lived the disappointments of the Star Wars movies (poor Darthvader looked like such a pansy and Padme just looked like a cradle snatcher)… But, I’ll warn all who’ve seen the X-Men 1st class trailer and are still unsure. This was a great movie. I could stop there and when you see it you will be right there with me (If you like sci-fi that is). What surprised me is the amount of character they are now putting in superhero movies, gone are the 1 dimensional characters and sole focus on effects (Dare Devil anyone?).

This movie had a massive cast (James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Bill Milner) and each one did their job phenomenally. The young Professor X and Magneto really did steal the show, with their crisp accents and on-point reaction times.

I do have to warn you that this is not an all out action flick, this movie was more focused on the story than on the super human feats. I was waiting for the all out action scene where magneto would stop a fusillade of bullets or Xavier would fling people away with his mind, but no such luck. Also I do have to say some of the character were well cast but really could have been better, I mean, the Hell Fire club, Moira McTaggart and Banchee all Americans all of a sudden? Don’t you dare!

But for the men out there all I can say is look out for the British lady in the white… Wink Wink.



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