3C MOVIE REVIEW – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

So with the fame and success of the previous installments, this movie series which grew out of a themed Disney ride, kinda took the world by storm.

People keep asking me why I’m not on the whole “Pirates” band wagon, and all I can say is, “I could take it or leave it”. Since the 1st movie, I’ve always liked the story (even if it did get some-what loopy in the middle there) and the characters where fun and easy to like, but it was never something I could stay up all night exited about or even wait in line to see.

That said, Jonny Depp excels as Jack Sparrow (as we may have noticed in, what…..all the movies) and, well, even with my nonchalance, I really did enjoy this one. The same elements we loved in all the others where present, so there was lots of fighting, jumping, ship fights, beautiful landscape (yeah cause thats why we all go to the movies isn’t it?) and fun characters.

The presence of Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley are missed though….. at 1st. As they supposedly died, or lived together forever, or something, at the end of the last movie. But Penelope Cruz and her wondrous allure, lips and smile do make up for it big time. Her cute voice with lingering Spanish accent make her the perfect counter part for this flick. She uses her body to make men drool and complete scenes all in one fell swoop.

So story line wise, in this installment, Capt’ Jack Sparrow meets an old acquaintance and as they flirt and fight constantly through out the movie, the are both pitched on an adventure to look for the fountain of youth. As if that’s not complicated enough they have to do it all while fending off the notorious pirate Black Beard. The plot twists (is she good or bad? Hmmmmmm…..) and surprise cameos were great and it’s fair to say that with such great actors, the on screen chemistry worked a charm (Depp and Cruz…need I say more?).

When I think about it logically though, it’s funny how well loved this franchise is. This movie just came out and fans are already asking if there will be more. What’s even funnier is the answer, yes. Maybe even two more, or so the grapevine says. As for those, I’ll believe it when I see it, but right now, I’d advise you to cut a chunk out of your  weekend or work week and indulge yourself in some Capt’ Jack!



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