02ALTERNATIVE THINKING – Life Takes Many Shapes

Normally I’m not the kind of guy that gets overly personal in my articles but I suppose if I want to “connect” with my audience I need to give some details about lil’Ol me.

The big fish always keeps them busy

Hmmm, you see I find that these days in the work place it’s getting quite tasking, cause we all have to pretty much be ahead of the game, need to up our socializing (or “schmoozing” which is one of my favorite words) skills and be more of a sales person in every type of environment we find ourselves (Bars, Launches, that mama put your boss goes to). It’s quite tough for me because as a graphic artist I’m used to sitting behind a desk all day designing stuff, but know I’m in the thick of it all and have to perfect that sales push, but that’s all by the way because when you look at where you are now you cant help but look back on how you got there.

So let me ask you all something. You remember being a kid right? (Wasn’t so long ago for some but let’s move on) Those days we really had no worries, except whose house we’re gonna destroy after school and actually sneaking into the kitchen to find out if a Maggi cube would actually taste like Choco Milo. But then we all couldn’t wait to be grown-ups. I’m gonna be a pilot, I’m gonna be a Doctor, I’m gonna be an actor… oh that last one was me and as you can see, not all of us exactly follow through. Fair enough there’s a tape somewhere in the is big ol’world of me singing and dancing on stage during a production of Oliver Twist, but if that was my five minutes of fame? I think I may have peaked way too early.

You know you miss it....Yeah you do!

But hey, a lot of people stuck to their guns and got where they wanted to be. I know that Pilot and dude…how many doctors out there that hustles hard and defied the odds to get where they wanted to be? But even if we didn’t reach that final place we dreamed of in our lumber jack shirts, back to front baseball cap, game boy wielding and Doc Martins wearing days, we are still here and as morbid as this may sound, Some people didn’t make it to today….

Even sonic is trying to find a way.....

So here I sit, desk bound, doing research on Magazine companies in Nigeria and also reminiscing on the days when I could fit in the space on the floor of the back seat of my Dads V-Boot and play with Lego men, or how we used to argue in class about how much better Mario was than Sonic the Hedgehog but it helps that I’m talking to you. Doesn’t that show you how I appreciate you? No? Oh..ok..well I do. We all had dreams as kids, life pushed us here and there and some of us clung to those dreams like a starving dog to a lamb chop, whilst others kinda just went with the flow of life and found themselves else were. It doesn’t really matter how it all ended up I think. Because when you pull out the magnifying glass and take a close look…even those that got just what they wanted may not be that happy. Life is all about give and take and the sooner we realize that sometimes the “giving” aspect is usually more than the “taking” part the sooner we’ll all be happy. We all want to receive love, goods, money, affection, compliments but sometimes we end up giving those things more that we get them our selves. It’s not a competition where we get to the pearly gates and there’s a score board, we just have to try and do what’s right by us and those affected by us.

I know I'm still wondering....

I wanted to be an actor and now I’m a business analyst…who would have thought? But the good thing is that I can see my life taking shape so I’m happy and I know my inner child (who seems to be more outer child sometimes) is happy with that.

The only constant in life is change....

But now the important question is this, are u happy with where you are? And if not, what can you do to make things better?

Till next time then, Love Peace and No traffic…


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