I was really bored one weekend, so I sought sanctuary in a pile of magazines I found in my cousin’s room. Ever since then, if/when I do find a copy of Élan, in my spare time, I am sure to dwell in it. It’s a fashion and lifestyle magazine of NEXT (a relatively new company taking over journalism nationwide with their new, innovative and ‘of-age’ methods; responsible for and NN24 to mention a few) and just as their name precedes them, it’s one that favours a predominantly female readership. But, what is it about these magazines that kept me going?

Apparently, my aforementioned cousin hasn’t read a single one of them. She was graced with this pile from a family friend who worked with/at NEXT; which in turn became a blessing to me. I don’t know myself as one to indulge in “women’s magazines” but one writer in particular always caught my attention. The writer’s is a name that ‘might’ be familiar to those in the Nigerian Fashion world and many others; but, as I do not interact with this world, I was clueless and curious as to whom she is/was.

So, as I scuffled with this magnificent pile of colour, advertisements, lush photography and many tips and articles, all I was reading was the segment tagged “Rukky’s Frocks”. Each time, reading one better, or in some cases worse, than the one before, as in my order-obsessive way, I had ensured I read them in chronological order (from the oldest to the most recent). And indeed, doing so allowed me to enjoy the growth of the writer.

Many times, I would disagree with her opinions and methods of criticism. She had a tendency to view a (what I’d call common) situation with a different light and as such criticize it and/or handle it that way. In her case, she would not only view it differently, she would react in a (what I’d call awkward) manner that would never even cross my mind and give ample reasons behind such criticisms and/or actions.

Nonetheless, I would read through her blog-like segment, issue after issue and literally as she pondered through issue after issue. So, it should be no surprise to you, that what kept me glued to this “blogger” was more than her choosing controversial topics but rather, her use of words and her unique style of writing. It was writing with personality, it showed how she ‘probably’ is if you met her in real-life; how uptight-yet-laid-back, pseudo-anti-social, troublesome, playful, etc. she might actually be.

So, my ploughing through this pile eventually rejuvenated and re-inspired my writing career (thus, the above mentioned “blessing”). The writer of which I have been speaking goes by the name of “Rukky Ladoja”. And, sometimes, I do go out of my way to read her blog-like segment online and oh my does it infuriate as well as reinvigorate me. I believe she is a talent to watch out for in the near future, with her wide mastery of words, wordplay and all round interesting arguments whether you agree with them or not.

The Dark Sage.


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