02ALTERNATIVE THINKING – When it rains, it pours.

So there I was, on a Thursday evening waiting for the weekend to hurry up and swing by, when all of a sudden the sky literally switches from blue to gray and the clouds come rushing in like hungry fat kids at an all you can eat candy store.

I look at my watch and it’s almost quitting time but the darn mails just keep coming in and I know I have to respond because my Blackberry service was acting up. Not answering them now would just result in more work for me tomorrow. So I stuck at it and watched the evening sky get darker.

As I dotted my last “i” and crossed the last “t”, it had started to drizzle and I was packing up and shipping off. As I got in2 my car the rain decided to just show us a taste of what was to come and the skies opened up and poured an onslaught of rain down on us. My wipers were on full however I still couldn’t see squat. I got to thinking that this must be what a monsoon felt like, but before I could get into lamenting mode, the rain stopped just as fast as it started.

So the drive home was clear and as I always say, when it rains, the crazies come out. With random people stopping in the middle of the roads and others racing imaginary counterparts< all I could do was Shake my head and hope no one hits me.

Getting home I breathed a sigh of relief and was grateful the rain hadn’t done its usual to me (Make a 15 minute journey 5 hours) and with that my work week routine continued. I sat and wondered what Nigeria would be like if we did have natural disasters, we don’t have earthquakes, tornados and there certainly aren’t any Volcanoes close by. So why aren’t we a world power yet? America is a huge continent were lots of different cultures came together and created a great nation, England is a small island yet with great drive, and we have ample natural resources and intelligent, creative people yet we seem to keep getting in our own way.


So Sunday had arrived and I took the day as a lazy day, as I snuggled in bed with “Cougar Town” the rains started again. I slipped on my head phones and was whisked to the witty and wonderful world of TV land. Unbeknownst to me all hell was breaking lose outside. The monsoon I was wondering about had just touched down and the Island (the Manhattan of Lagos, where most of the Lagosians go for fun, work and entertainment) was being filled up like a pint glass at last call. All the new roads which didn’t have gutters yet had become rivers and all the homes in estates with bad drainage became aquariums. My aunt got in at 11:30 pm and luckily for her she was in a high Hilux pickup truck. Her journey started at 5pm from Aja and along the way the trip turned into something right out of an adventure movie.

Cars around her slowly filled up with water, people trying to escape found their cars in unseen ditches, wedding goers turned their gifts into scoopers and where filling water out of their cars like sailors in a sinking raft.

Hearing the story we all sighed and I thanked God I stayed home as my poor car would have been one of the first of the low cars to be taken down by the floods. It was all so drastic and sporadic that no one saw it coming and it just begged the question, that if they did, what could have been done. Twitter was rained with pictures of offices full of water Monday morning; Children didn’t go to school due to blocked roads and teachers who had their own floods to deal with.

So as we all freaked out and felt bad, sad, disheveled and confused, my little cousin turned to me and said; “I think it’s a good thing, because I’m sure God just wanted to wash all our sins away and prepare us for a miracle”. We all turned shocked at the little girl’s musings and to be honest. We all hoped she was right.

It made me realize that childhood really was a blessed time. Our optimism dispensers where working on full blast and we used to see the world in full digital 3d and HiDef colour. If we could all remember how the innocence of childhood felt then I’m sure we could get through anything.

These rains were just a wakeup call for me. Wash out the bad, and get stuck in with positivity and all the good stuff we have within. So, break out the basins and buckets, air out the soaked cars and furniture and let’s do Nigeria right (Easier said than done I know), but we have to start somewhere right?



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