3C MOVIE REVIEW – Green Lantern

It’s amazing how the barrage of our childhood cartoons and even favorite comics are all coming to life on the big screen. It feels like just yesterday Transformers was my favorite cartoon, with morals and fun all wrapped up in one, and now another movie is out.

However I’ll save that review for next week. So as I haven’t had the chance to see it yet, Green Lantern will get the Jite treatment instead. And when I say that, I mean the fan boy geeks look at how Box office sales strive to make a niche market work for the world.

Green Lantern is an awesome DC character and in the comic world he has had about 4 different characters wear the ring. From a red haired pain in the ass to one of the only famous black superheroes (thanks to the JLA Cartoon), but this movie is Hal Jordan’s story, the childlike, daredevil fighter pilot, with a deep back story (in the comic world who doesn’t have one?).

The story starts off on a distant corner of the universe, when an ancient evil (Paralax) is freed from his prison in the lost sector, and then they go on to tell the tale of how Hal inherits the ring from Abin Sur, a purpleish veteran Green Lantern and he has to not only learn to use it, but learn responsibility and honor (Yup yup, they really did stress the point on how childish he is and focused on all the skeletons in his proverbial closet). So he has to battle the pure evil which feeds of the yellow power of fear and also fight a childhood friend who was infected by it.

Story cheese aside, I did however like the realistic aspects of the movie (even with the flying aliens and stuff) as he approaches his friend wearing his super suit, and they can still tell it’s him, even if he’s just hiding his cheek bones under a mask. This has always been a bone of contention for me, so a super hero just has to cover his eyes and the world doesn’t realize it’s him? Really? … Well I’ll rant on that some other time.

Back to the movie; as usual there’s a love interest, and this time around she takes the form of “Gossip Girls” Blake Lively (who comes to life in this role, not been a fan of her acting on the series but feel she kind of pulled it off here), and even British actor Mark Strong donned some red make up and a suit to join in the fun as Sinistro. And while we are on the cast, having Ryan Reynolds play Dead Pool in the marvel universe and Hal Jordan in the DC universe sure gave a lot of hard core fans much to talk about but what erked me was having the veteran actress Angela Basset play Dr Waller (who turns out to be a very important character in the DC universe but is more on the heavy and domineering side) it was a little off for me. I’d love to go on about how great an actress she is and how we will eventually get used to her playing the role if they make more DC movies, but I just have to say she was not strong enough.

As a comic book geek, I will have to say they tried, they made a good effort as Ryans comedic personality fit snuggly in Hals boots and the special effects were good even though I was disappointed in the Lantern itself (and hey, the rings power is in the imagination of it’s owner right? Well they could have been more imaginative couldn’t they?), but as a movie goer, I had fun. Characters where well played and I already want to see more…. So Hollywood! Please do the right thing and feed our need already!


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