ILLUSIONS OF GRANDUER – Much ado about nothing (Rant-topia)

Rant: 1.46am 19th may 2011

Just like the saying, “You are what you eat”, I’ve come to the understanding that “you are what you proclaim” i.e. you are who and are what you say you are, if not now but in due time. But, not just by “saying”, but also by action. Let me cut out the vague ambiguous jibber jabber and get straight to the point. In much less words, what I’m saying is, if you say you’re a writer, in due time, you will be, but not just by saying it alone; but also, by more or less, writing… regularly.

Rant Rant Rant.... Urm... Rant!

So, in order to fill my daily 1000 word quota, I shall continue to spill out words from each synapse I can glean hope from, for them. But, when it comes to writing, what is easiest should be the actual writing but some, me inclusive, find that tasking. But with deeper thought, I suggest it’s not the writing that shows difficulty but rather, the thinking. We are all human, so I should not be wrong for supposing we all think or at least engage in deep thought once in a while. So, based on that general principle, or let me say premise, it should be of little or no difficulty to write; also, as it is said that one can only tap less than half of thoughts when engaged in a stream of consciousness, you see my dilemma.

But, where am I going with this? To be honest, the answer is nowhere. I am heading absolutely nowhere with whatever arguments I pose before you because first of all, I tire of argumentative essays and writing; in pieces, articles and literature. And, secondly, I really am just aiming to complete that word quota and am barely at thirty percent at the moment but I foresee great things tonight.

It’s easy to write about absolutely nothing. It’s just a series of rants, rambles and seeming like an obtuse recluse on the verge of insanity maybe. And, that could be fun if you’re in the “write” mood; pun intended. So, that makes me wonder, “am I in the ‘write’ mood to be doing this?” and well, with a few milliseconds of brief thought and Melody Gardot’s jazz music playing in the background, I’ve come to the quick conclusion that in order for me to call myself a writer, I must always, if not, ensure that I’m always, be in the ‘write’ mood.

Now that's what I call music for the soul

And, I shall go further to buttress that by saying, would it not be odd if Cristiano Ronaldo was passed a soccer ball and he said he was not in the “soccer” mode at that moment. Apart from it being an innate skill, he’s worked at it his whole life, still is and for as long as he can call himself a soccer player, in fact, must be able to play a cup final if he was woken up at 3.47am to play a match at 4.00am.

Footie or can you make me choose?

When it comes to that which you are, you act like, and you want to be, I believe that an extra effort must be put into it to ensure that “it” and you soon become one and the same. In the sense that, you are what/who you are, if you catch my drift. I know the general sense and meaning of the term “monotony” depicts boredom amongst all else, but if, there are no “write” moods for writers, just fluctuations of inspiration, then, that shows its true form. Not that you should be a geek of whatever you do, but be at depth at it.

A lot might mistake this for meaning going all out to “BE” a writer and only talk about literature or in literary terms or “speak in tongues”, as some say, by purposefully using much more uncommon, complex words to confuse a general populace; but, rather the opposite. What I am saying insists that you be you, but whatever “it” is be you as well, at least a good part of it. If you are a music junkie, but at the same time a political writer, not only should “it” (political writing) define who you are but also vice versa, you define “political writing” and your understanding of it.

Where else would a writer start?

I mean that last statement, in the sense that, just as much as who you are as a person your likes, dislikes, personality, etc. should affect political writing (as a whole), your political writing; political writing should also affect who you are as a person, as an individual. But, like I said before, I refuse to dwell on such argumentative writing as I feel, how should I put this lightly, a little insane, because, the mere thought of sitting in front of a luminescent screen, pressing buttons for hours alone could be odd to some, then again the aspect of arguing with yourself just puts the icing on the cake, the proverbial cherry on top.

But, that is not such a farfetched idea as well as we all take part in such activities in our day to day life. All I’m saying is, if any style of writing should be my niche, that should be at the bottom of the list. But it just goes to show the type of person I am then; a complainer; possibly very argumentative; loner, as is always in deep thought countering his own actions and ideas; likes to know the reason behind which things take place or “be” so to say. And this simply just proves what I was saying earlier of how who you are defines what you write. But, the cycle would continue and it would merely just seem like a waste of 1000 words as is/was my goal from the start.

Now that I’m almost at the finish line, I would like to make a closing that is superb and has no mention of it being a closing at all rather, the feeling of it. Here it goes: “whether it is the ‘write’ mood or not, the deed is done so I guess it’s time for spell check”

And "BLAM-O!" we're done!

The Dark Sage


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