POETRY CORNER – The Depths by The Dark Sage

Deep in my mind, feelings swirling

Haunted thoughts, to me, calling

Like demon ballerinas twirling,

I cannot stave off them

So I roll onto the floor, my bedside

At the reality of this Yaba left side

I’ve never encountered this life tide

Guess the tide’s been out way too long

I’m dying on the inside ever so slowly

Like my mind’s rotting right before me

All form of hope is not gone surely

But all that remains is doubt

Doubt that there will ever be restoration

Lifting up and all redemption

To answers with unasked questions

As my pondering continues

Sitting in this ditch, at my lowest low

Deep in this pit, don’t know where to go

Or who turn to, they be friend or foe

Only paranoia consumes me

Dark thoughts to my darker realities

You may say “fiction”, but I’m the casualty

How dare you question my reality?

As you tag them hallucinations

I try to sleep but the reaper is here

Watching over from my derriere

Hood and sickle in the clear

Only insomnia is the answer

Weak and tired from dodging my Freddy

I live a nightmare on Elm Street already

I dread my fear, it’s always ready

To take me down to the floor

Eyes wide open, bulging even

A repetition of the number seven

I digress to that of eleven

Because I prefer soccer

I am in control now, my thoughts at bay

The light now brightens my path, my way

It shines endlessly at the end of the tunnel

The road may be hard but I’ll get there

Fight that inner darkness; bring out the light in you

Till it is shining, no matter how miniscule

Because that luminescence is your engine fuel

And will power your life in right directions

As the tables turn and I take over

The deep thought ensues

But not of dark and fearful things

One with hope, no misery but strength.


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