02ALTERNATIVE THINKING – Just Us – Chapt2 (A story by Jite Ovueraye)


Chapter 1

Chapter 2 – I think I can hear you

“August, August! Wake up!”

It was Marcus shrugging me out of the deepest sleep I’ve ever had. I lay slumped backwards on the couch with my head at a funny angle over the armrest. As I slowly and gingerly tried to move, my head felt like little gnomes had burrowed into my brain and had their very own version of Ozz-Fest in my brain. I looked around and I must have been the last to wake up, as it was obvious I wasn’t the only one that went out like a feather weight in a heavy weight bout. Kike was still on the floor with Tosin and he was pouring her a, now cold, cup of coffee. Chichi was rubbing Larne’s head as he had obviously fallen unaided to the ground and banged his head. Jane and Marcus were on either side of me checking if I was ok.

“What the fuck, yo?” I said as I massaged my neck. “Is everyone ok?”

Lanre looked around Chichi and Jane and said “well look who decided to join us, wakey, wakey man, once this ringing in my ears stops I’ll be ok”

“How long have I been out? And did we all collapse?” I asked while trying to get up with Marcus’s help.

As we stood he said “yes indeed, that was intense. Everyone just kind of faded into the light and next thing I know is 8:43pm and we’re all strewn about the place”

“Yeah, same here” said Chichi “Marcus woke me up and everyone else was dead to the world”

“So what was that light? And that ball thing for that matter? It almost clocked me twice during its little bounce session” Tosin said as he walked to the kitchen with the pot of coffee “I mean this is all right out of the twilight zone”

“Bro, I’d say more like out of men in black” Lanre interjected “remember the bouncy ball thing in part one?”

I had now walked over to the dinning area and was sitting down; when I notice Jane was cradling her head “J! What’s up? You ok?”

“Now that’s a stupid question. What do you think? I just lost a day of my life and now y’all are making alien jokes when for all you know this really could be something like that.”

See, Jane had always been the fun one out of the two of us, but what the group never really saw was her deep, determined and serious side. I was the only one privileged enough to know about how all her older brothers had failed in their dads eyes and how much pressure they placed on her to succeed, and when I say privileged, I use that in the loosest possible way. The day she showed me the hell cat within, just because I didn’t wake her up in time for a meeting, at the end of the day she apologised and broke the whole story down. So at times like this I always knew she meant well.

“So for Gods sake guys, let’s take this seriously –God damn children all of them-

“Calm down Jane, there’s no need for that” Lanre said getting up, “we’ve all just been through this together, and no one needs to be called a child”

“Who called you a child? I think you hit your head a little too hard there” Jane said a little defensively

“We all heard you Jane, even from the kitchen” Added Tosin coming back into the living room “and he’s right what ever the hell just happen to us, at least no one got seriously injured and we’ve been through worse….right C.c.?” He said with a huge grin on his face.

Chichi turned and scowled hotly at Tosin but before she could speak Kike did, “urm, guys? I was looking directly at Jane the whole time, she didn’t say anything  about us being children and her lips didn’t move, but…but….. I heard it clear as day and her lips did. Not. Move.”

“What are you saying? I never called you kids!” Jane said adamantly

“What are you on about?” Marcus said sitting down next to her “because I heard you say it too and I also heard August saying ‘where is everybody’ before I lost consciousness but his lips didn’t move then either”

Chichi burst out laughing, “Wait, wait, wait….what you’re saying now is that we all just read Jane’s mind? Come on, Jane you just said what you were thinking didn’t you?”

Now all of us turned to Jane, Kike put down her coffee and went to sit down on her left while Marc was on her right. The Ojuelegba’s where seated on the table in front of them, Chichi was now leaning on Larne’s shoulder and I was furthest away at the dining table.

I looked at her with all seriousness, “Jane, I know all this is really fucked up, but did you think that or say it?”

She sheepishly looked through the group and at me then said “I think I thunk it”

“Ok wait a second” Tosin said shaking his head “Marcus, you said you heard August right? August, what were you thinking before you hit the deck”

As their eyes turn on me I said “well to be honest it’s all kind of blurry, but I do remember wondering if you guys were ok”

Chichi then said “ok, this is simple; if we read her mind once we can do it again right? So Jane, go on, think something”

“-What do you want me to think-?

“Anything babe” I said from across the room “ok just think about the day we never speak of, sorry to bring it up Chichi but Tosin put it in my head”

“Whatever –I actually loved that day-” She said turning her head.

“August shut up and look at her lips.” Tosin said with his eyes wide in disbelief “I just heard her say those things in my head, because her mouth sure didn’t move”

“It’s true” Echoed Marcus in the same tone “she didn’t say shit, but I heard it”

And so this went on for about another hour, all of us thinking things and willing the others to hear it. After the initial shock had worn down, as it could never really wear off, we were all seated around the coffee table, some on the couch some on the floor, like we would in a “pass the Dutch” session but instead, were having mental conversations.

Marcus to Kike; “-so how’s the recording going? And when are we going to get our own cuts of the big bucks?-”

“-The producers a douche bag, he just wants me to sleep with him. The main problem is that he’s damn good at his job. Don’t worry; you guys are defiantly going to be my entourage when that time comes-”

Lanre to Jane; “-you still love him don’t you? It’s written all over your face you know?-”

“-Shut up man, think about something else. Besides I’ve seen the way he looks at Chichi-”

“-Well, we never get to talk in private and now we have the chance I want to let you know he still cares, and you know what he’s like with all his self imposed rules. Chichi and I had something so I doubt he’d even try. Now that’s out of they way, you think I’ve got x ray vision as well? Cause I think you’ve got pink panties on-”


“Jane, we’re suppose to be trying private telepathy here, I’m sure even the oblivious Sunday outside heard that” Chichi said breaking away from our three way conversation. “But then again I know what a naughty boy Lanre is so I can only imagine what he’s been saying”

It turned out that we could all hear but not read each others minds, it was like we could project out thoughts into each others minds and we soon found out that we could place suggestions in the minds of others.  We were planning on who to send to the corner to get some smokes when after 5 minutes of debating why each of us cant go Sunday came knocking on the door bearing two packs of B&H and a pack of menthols for Jane and I. He said he just had a feeling we were running out and thought he’d get us some as he was already going there, although he forgot what he wanted for himself.

So we spent the entire night testing the limits of our new found trick. Distance wasn’t a problem between the seven of us , as when Chichi and Lanre went on a Mr Biggs run we could still hear them even though they went into GRA to get it. As for our suggestions in the minds of others, they had to either be in line of sight, like the bike man we made come and ask us our names from almost a mile away, or they have to be within about 20 feet. But the major restraint was that at least 3 of us had to want the same thing before they would do it. Kike said that’s a good thing or we may end up just doing what ever the hell we wanted.

We were all somewhat responsible adults, the youngest bring Tosin, but 24 these days really isn’t that young. So when I said my cheesy line “with great power comes great responsibility” we all laughed but knew it was true.

At around 3am when we had played with our minds to the point of exhaustion, Marcus came into my room where Jane and I were still talking in our heads and said. “Sorry to bug you guys but it just occurred to us outside, this shit is serious. The person that called knew this would happen, or at least had an idea. And the thing is, if he knew about this and it happened, what about all that saving the world stuff he talked about? Are we now super heroes or some shit? Cause I sure don’t feel like one.” And with that he smiled a little and walked out.

“He’s right you know” said Jane lying back down in my arms “the seven of us just found our selves in a world of shit. We better enjoy the calm before the storm”

“Abeg babe, please let’s not swear for our selves, something strange and kind of cool just happened to us. Let’s just stay smart and do what we do. Like I always say, it could be worse. That psycho marble could have been some new age hisbula makalaka bin laden bomb type thing. Now shut up and let me pick your brains”

“Augie you’re such a cheese ball” she said whilst increasing the ac and pulling up the sheets.

After a little laugh I said “well, it’s just us isn’t it? You know how I roll.”


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