IT ANSWERS – Fun times with RIM (BlackBerry)

So we where looking at the impact Blackberries have had on us all and well , here’s a compilation of lots of useful BB related information, from their launch of new devices to the “Playbook” and even apps you should be sure to have.

RIM’s New Devices:

Now, if someone told me, that I would be whisked over to the UK to be part of the launch of BlackBerry’s latest devices, I would have laughed my socks off. If they then went further  to tell me that I would have the chance to chit-chat with RIM’s international representatives, talking about Nollywoods “BlackBerry Babes” and how they have connections in Ikeja’s Computer Village, I would have laughed even harder. But as life has its own way of doing things, all these  things actually came to pass. So here I am to fill you in on all I saw, learned and did at the BlackBerry UK Conference 2011. (Oh and just picture me sitting across a table from a RIM VP trying to explain what “forming” is…. Good times)

Check out the rest of the article at Bringing Out the Big Guns – My Experience as RIM hosts the Biggest BlackBerry Launch  Ever on

Blackberry Playbook: Touch screen bliss

The minds behind our BB obsession are at it again, this time with a touch screen tablet: The Playbook Tablet. It was designed to challenge Apple Inc.’s iPad, and what you get for coming out second is improvements on what the other guys did, the Blackberry Playbook Tablet’s expected to give more flexibility on how corporate circles do their businesses. (“World’s first professional tablet” says RIM president and co-chief executive Mike Lazaridis)

What Makes The Playbook Stand Out?

You get the full Web Experience, compared to iPad’s 9.7 inch touchscreen, the Playbook’s got just about 7-inchs of display however it will give a complete web experience since RIM has stressed the integration of the tablet to the Blackberry Smartphone. As an added bonus you’ll have access to Adobe Flash video software.

Enterprise Ready

Designed to work hand-in hand with the Blackberry Smartphone via a secure short-range Bluetooth range, the Playbook can act as a second screen for the handset, which allows phone users to access their email, documents, calendar, and other content on a larger screen.

Secure Wireless Link

Since this device is tailored for the executive consumers, data security and work privacy is very important. So, when the connection between the Playbook and the Smartphone is cut off, assuming the user walks away with the handset, no sensitive information like business e-mails are stored on the tablet. (Nice touch, I must say)

As for apps which we all love so much, RIM’s has released a software kit that lets third-party developers design applications for the Playbook, also, you can now use Android apps as well, even the video game makers Electronic Arts has been invited to participate in introducing the Playbook to the general public. (can you smell the games?) As other companies are expected to announce their own versions of tablet computers sometime next year, it should be interesting since tight competition usually means better products to choose from. And better products mean better value for everyone’s hard earned money.

BB Apps to have:

Blackberry, Blackberry, Blackberry. RIM must be over the moon with how well the device is doing in Nigeria, but as usual we are here to make the good even better.

We have to note that, without apps, the blackberry may as well be a landline, head to App World (or if you want more options to and look through the selection to find useful apps that will extend the capabilities of your phone.

So to help you make the best of the device which seems to be in everyone’s pocket lately, here are out top five BB apps:

Google Maps.

This is Google’s free mapping program, which allows you to find anything you want and use your Phone and its GPS transceiver as a navigator. In Nigeria it works and is great for navigating unknown streets. It may not be perfect, but it will sure help you get out of a jam or two.


UberTwitter the widely popular Twitter app is now UberSocial, with great usability and functionality for sending and reading tweets, you can now post rich media to Facebook. Re-Tweeting and Tweet-longer are awesome on this app. If you’re a Twitter fan and have a bb. Don’t ask, just get it.


The player on Blackberry isn’t phenominal, but Xplayer is probably one of the best media players you can get. It supports most formats and codecs, including MP3, AAC, AVI, WMA and others, so you shouldn’t have any problem playing a video or audio file.



Bolt is definitely the best Web browser for Blackberry, allowing you view full web pages stress free, supports most new technologies, like thelatest Javascript engines. Bolt is neater and easier to maneuver.


Yes, the love for Face book is still strong and of course, there’s a Facebook app for Blackberry. If you, like 400 million other people, use this social network, you’ll definitely want to get this application. It lets you do most of the things you’d want to do on Facebook, except play games (but you can do this using Bolt above).

If you own a Blackberry and want to know what it can do, check out the above apps, then visit Blackberry’s official App World and GetJar, for useful and great apps.

Here are 4 other must haves:

1 – Blackberry Messenger: Stay in touch with everyone on Blackberry for free.

2 – Viigo: Rss deader, Weather, Sports, Social Networks, News, Podcast, etc. in your palm

3 – Dictionary and Thesaurus: Over 5,000,000 words, definitions, synonyms, and pronunciations.

4 – Opera mini: Increases page rendering speed and loads past pages quicker.


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