02ALTERNATIVE THINKING – Just Us – Chapt4 (A story by Jite Ovueraye)


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 – It’s Not All Fun And Games

It had been hours since we were suppose to meet at the pool and the girls were all together at our regular meeting place, Piazza, the best “Central Perk” alternative we could come up with in PH. As they waited for us to meet them they had drinks and ordered a pepperoni pizza to pass the time. Tosin had told them there was a change of plans, so he’d meet them there. In the mean time they had a serious tete-a-tete, talking about how the guys had been taking this all too lightly and how we should all go and tell someone about what had happened, Kike and Jane where all about how messed up it all was, but Chichi was of the mindset that it could have been worse and if we did tell anyone, they would either think we were all crazy or using Jazz. Kike told them about how she had tripped a few days ago but never actually hit the ground and Chichi was bragging about how she saw something happen before it actually did. She had put it off to deja vu only for the same thing to happen again that evening. Jane on the other hand had nothing to add as nothing overly spectacular had happened to her beside the whole mental bluetooth communication thing.

They argued, conversed and laughed until Kike realised something; “have you guys noticed that we can’t reach any of the guys? I have been trying with my phone and my mind since we got Tosins message and I’m confused. I thought we could always reach each other”?

Jane responded with, “ah ah, Kike didn’t you notice that when you don’t want anyone to reach you all you had to do was feel that way, it’s like the powers or whatever are controlled by our feelings”

“That’s true oh” Chichi said “I didn’t want to talk to Lanre the other day and well he couldn’t reach me but Marcus could”

“So what you’re saying is that the boys, all the boy don’t, want us to reach them, and at the exact same time when we are supposed to be meeting?” Kike asked “don’t you find that odd?”

They all looked at each other and Chichi said, “well, yeah but…”

Before she could finish her sentence Tosin walked in and spotted them, he took a deep breath before walking over. As he got to them and saw all the questions in their eyes he said “ok, don’t freak out, but something’s happened” And he sat down to tell them the whole story so far.


As we lay there on the concrete, sweating and silently panicking, we heard a door open and a group of footsteps.

“who’s there?” Marcus yelled, but in response was a loud smack. They had thwacked him across the face and though I still couldn’t see, I could imagine there was blood spilt.

“Now please kindly shut up and listen implicitly” It was a calm sinewy kind of voice, not ominous or threatening in any way. “I do not want to have to hurt you, but I will enjoy causing you serious pain if needed.”  We dared not speak, Lanre had regained consciousness earlier and was more freaked out than the rest of us as he couldn’t move his mouth but could open his eyes. He had told us that we were in some kind of basement, no windows and only one door, It was lit with a single fluorescent, power saving bulb and apart from a chair with one of the high pitch boys sitting in it strapped with a shot-gun, there was nothing else in the room. We had tried to calm him down but he just kept repeating “-we’re dead, we’re dead, we’re dead-” over and over till Tosins voice calmed him down. It was decided that Tosin would tell the girls and then we would all try to use that mental projection thing to make them free us, but the plan would only work if and when we regained movement. So all we had to do was not freak out and stay alive till then, oh, and try to figure out what the fuck was going on. Easy right?

“My name is Cecil Von Smithe and have been in this shit hole of a country for 7 years looking for something. Last night we got word that what we have been searching for all these god forsaken years had been handed over to someone already. You see, we are not the only people looking for said item, the Americans and the British are looking too and it would not do to have either of them find it before I do.” He said pacing back and forth in front of us. “So now, my sources inform me that you coincidentally received a package recently, Mr Rayne? Please do tell where you have kept it and if you have opened it”

I shifted a little and realized I had regained some movement. “-Tell him where it is August! Maybe it could buy us some time-“ Lanre said, and I could tell he was looking straight into the eyes of our host.

“-If I tell him we are as good as dead-“ I replied panicky, “-But it’s not like we have many options-“

“-Just tell him something ok? I’ll keep trying to direct the others at least closer to where the heck ever we are-“ Marcus said.

“Yes I did get a package, but It was just a wooden box with a latch on the front, when I tried to open it, I couldn’t so I just left it on my table. Is that why we are here? We have no idea where the box came from….” I said as honestly as I could. I could hear Cecil whispering something to his lackeys and all I could think of was what if he had people outside my house right now. We would be dead in the next 5 minutes if he found out I was lying. The next thing we heard were foot steps leaving the room and then his voice.

“Thank you so much for all your time, it was a pleasure meeting with you. It is such a shame we will have to kill you all, anyway I shall soon become the most powerful person alive, so I guess your names shall go down in history…..” With that he left the room sniggering to himself. As the door closed, Lanre said to us that freaking out time was over and we had to get the fuck out of there, like yesterday. Marcus and Tosin had gotten as close to the area as they could figure out using just mental feeling around, we were somewhere around Rumukurushi, on your way out of PH and the plan was to get someone in the room with us and make him untie us. As freaked out as we were the girls where that plus half but we all knew the shit had truly hit the fan and we had only minutes to make like trees and leave!

“-August! I can open my eyes now, and Lanre was right to be freaking out-“ Marcus said,-and I can move too-

“-Yeah, same here, now August get your ass in gear and let’s get out of here-“ Lanre added. So I started struggling with all my strength and slowly and painfully my eyes opened, the one source of light felt like the high-beams of a douche bag in a jeep behind you on the highway. Wiggling my body a little we knew it was now or never. The others were in a car outside close by somewhere and we all thought…. Let’s do this.


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  1. jumoke abudu says:

    I’ve been a very bad friend. I will read this mini blog book and comment all I can. Forgive me Jits.

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