POETRY CORNER – The Ties That Bind by Jite Ovueraye

The Ties That Bind

It’s all but a quest

to be the best.

We go through it all

to stand up tall.

There’s no real help in times of need

just words given when ever we plead.

The fight is yours

and yours alone.

So take my words

like a dog to a bone.

Question not my purpose,

question not my gain.

Because you’re the one

who’ll fend off the rain.

The rain of words,

the reign of work

while those with the words

in the background lurk.

They mean you no harm

but do cause you pain,

however that’s not important

because you’ve got that brain.

Use it well

passing where they all dwell.

The quest is long

but your will is strong.

Use a Winsor

or four in hand

but do be weary, of ties that bind.

Jite Ovueraye


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