02ALTERNATIVE THINKING – Just Us – Chapt5 (A story by Jite Ovueraye)


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Chapter 5 – Can you feel what I’m feeling?

We had to act fast, as for all we knew they were walking into my house to find nothing on the table. Chichi was the calmest of us all, so she basically told everyone what to do; “-Ok Lanre, just remember the face of one of the guys that was in the room with you guys and think about him coming back to the room. Everyone else, just think about someone coming back in and untying the boys-”…

We were all unsure but we had to make it work, after a minute or so we saw a shadow at the door. Marcus, Lanre and I lay back flat on the floor and closed our eyes. As the door opened Chichi said “-Now focus on him untying you all and walking you out of there-“. She was right, and smart, because it only just occurred to us that we had no idea where we were.

Jane then added, “-yeah but make sure he takes you all through a route with no other guards or thugs, or touts or whatever….abeg-“

So next thing you knew this huge, burley, suit clad thug, untied us and helped us up. He then just turned around and started walking out the door. We looked at each other and followed suit.

Outside in the car, Keke was getting nervous. Her mind raced through all the bad scenarios that could come up and to be honest they were in over their heads and she had warned us about it all but no one listened. Her panic seemed to wash over us like a rash, Tosin tried to calm her down but now the panic was turning into anger and the anger spread faster.

Marcus was the go to guy for planning and we didn’t even realize he already had a plan in motion. All the anger Keke felt, he directed it towards the Thug. He made the thug feel that Mr Von Smite and his whole organization where playing him for a fool. The combined anger which we were all now feeling was being siphoned off and poured on the thug, so when we turned the next corner to find a hall way full of touts and thugs and the other two high pitch screamers, no one saw what was coming next.

As Lanre was the closest to the Thug he was the 1st to see the set up ahead, he stopped in his tracks and pulled Marcus and I back around the corner, “-Guys, hold up, we have trouble ahead. There are like 5 guys between us and the next door and the thug we are controlling is walking straight for them-“ He said looking at us but never moving his lips. “-Now what?-“

Marcus felt confident as he had expected something like this, “-Everyone, we have to make sure this works. Focus on him getting close to them and doing all he can to take them out… The amount of anger I pushed in him should be plenty so now we need to clear the path and run like mad-“

No one thought to question him, the whole situation was so surreal that if someone had a plan, we just went with it. So we all tried to send out anger and frustration to the thug and then just as he reached the 1st of the men in the hall way I peeked around the corner to see him flip out. I mean utter madness, the men in the hall never saw it coming because just as he reached them the man turned feral. He snapped the 1st guys neck without a glance, leaped at the second two as they where lighting a cigarette and smashed both their faces against the floor. The last two turned around in the last-minute just to see him look up and scream in their direction. They must have been about 5 feet from him as the clasped their ears and fell to their knees, we that where far off behind a corner had to cover our ears as well but for the two guys who felt the brunt of the scream, there was nothing they could do. The thug stood up and just like that his madness subsided, he turned around like a child and through a smile said “Oya, this is the way out. Dem for don hear the shout wey I shout. Make una run oh. I go dey here try do wetin I fit do…..oya, oya, oya… don de go nah”

And well, we were all a little stupefied as to what had just happened and our ears were ringing a little, but none the less we had to move, and fast. We ran hopping over the crumpled bodies and straight for the door. As we opened it and were on the way out Lanre turned around and said, “Thanks…” and we where out.

Outside it was still early evening and the sun was just setting we ran till we found a road and then hopped on the 1st bikes we saw, “Shell, RA…. Fast, fast a dey beg” I said to the bike man. Shell Residential area was where we used to go to as kids, a family friend grew up there and right now it was a boring and full of old people but it was the safest place I could think of. We had told the others to meet us there and as we arrived we realized the place had only gotten stricter. Jane was talking to a security man at the inner gate and we were all a little frazzled so now was not the time for arguments about ID cards, so we used our minds to convince all the guards we lived there and headed straight for the Club bar.

Once we were in we walked towards the darkest corner and before we could sit down Jane walked up to me and hugged me, “Don’t you ever do that to me again!” she said slightly shaking, and I looked at her and had to kiss her. The feelings we had been pretending were not there had bubbled up to the surface and to us right now our ups and downs didn’t matter. It was a deep and passionate kiss and as we pulled away from each other we noticed that Chichi and Lanre where having pretty much the same moment that we where. Tosin, Marcus and Keke where standing close together, Keke holding Marcus’s right arm and Tosin to his left. We all looked at each other and sat down. Tosin went to get the drinks in because if we ever needed alcohol, now was the time.

“What are we going to do now?” Keke asked, “We are in so much trouble, because from what you guys said, I don’t think that Smithe guy is going to just stop looking for us.”

“Yeah, this is more fucked up than some made for TV movie. Marcus has that lump on his head and now we are accomplices to murder. The guy we made lead us out of there, what do you think happened to him?” Lanre said with a look of worry on his face. We all had our very own versions of that look, but now was the time to plan and do something. After all we had these powers and apparently there were other people out there that had some too.

“Ok, so we are smack bang in the middle of some conspiracy brouhaha. And if we want to stay alive then we had better find the good guys or get rid of the bad guys. I know this isn’t TV but I don’t think we can handle this alone.” Tosin said as he got back with some drinks and the waitress with the rest came after him with the rest as he sat down. When she left we all looked at each other and Chichi said “We have to find Von Smithe and find more answers. We may think we have a clue about what’s going on but I’m sure we know squat.”

“Chichi’s right” Lanre added “We have to know what we are up against, they don’t know we have these powers and they don’t know what we can do, but to be honest, neither do we. So I say we find out what we can do and use it to find Smite and the lock him up or something.”

“What? Lock him up?” Tosin said “Did you already forget that he said that other people were looking for the box? As soon as he’s out of the picture someone else will take his place. We need to get the fuck outta Dodge till we have a better way of handling this all.”

Marcus scoffed and said “So you want to run away? What? Forever? Come on Tosin, what would that achieve? I have to admit, Chichi’s plan may not sound great but I think she’s on to something. Let’s figure out what we can do and then take the fight to them, we catch ‘Smithey’ and find out what the fuck is going on, and then I can return this lump on my head to its rightful owner”

I just sat there and listened as they all went back and forth deciding on what to do, then I don’t know what came over me, I just stood us and said, “It’s now or never guys, let’s make a decision and stick with it. We all found ourselves in this mess together and we have to figure it out together. It would be stupid to jump in head-on without a plan and I think I just got one…..”

They all looked at me and Tosin asked, “Well? What is it already?” and I had a slight grin on my face when I said “We’re going shopping.”

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