02ALTERNATIVE THINKING – The Glow – Chapt4 (A story by Jite Ovueraye)

The Glow

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4 – Rumble Young man, Rumble!

They had gotten to the lab a few days ago now and Ekene had been training him to synchronize with the rock. It was odd, just those few days Hakeem could already feel such a difference. He was understanding Ekenes science lingo and even using bigger words as they talked and he trained. Looking through the skylight of the big lab it was just getting dark, so the entire day had gone.

All the while Hakeem had been there, he had done just what Ekene had asked. Slowly the tread mills became less of a challenge each day, and the pull up bars were really a breeze. He had even finished the “Da Vinci Code” Ekene left lying around in those 2 days. So when he was plugged into some machine connected to the rock, he sat quietly, as jolts of energy surged all around his body, he just let it happen.

He woke up later drowsy with the smell of Egusi soup by his bed side. It was now the third day and the hunger pangs where a thing of the past, so he gratefully got up and ate. After the meal he came out to find Ekene fiddling on the computer, after a brief update on  how the syncronization is at it’s at such a high level, Ekene later took him into the  larger room where all the training things where. Hakeem didn’t need telling twice as he was full of energy and Ekene had told him all this would help, so he took out his frustrations on the punching bags and obstacle course.

At the end of another busy day of training and testing Hakeem’s anger and patience were at their limits. “Ekene, please tell me there is a point to all this. Yes I do feel a little stronger and faster but this can’t be all….? Even my English is better but the rock used to glow when there was danger and I would be fast and smart like I am right now, nothing new has happened since you brought me here. I don’t know what I was expecting but I’m still worried about I.K and the others”

Ekene was now sporting mild stubble and dark rings round his eyes. You could tell he had not slept well all this whole time, “Hakeem, trust me, this rock will be the saving grace. All the research Chike and I did proved that it could amplify human abilities, and with this and your resonance with it, I won’t have to worry so much about going in there with you….”

“So you even know where they are?!” Hakeem yelled, “Tell me now so I can just go and get them.”

“We need to stick to the plan, but here, look at this map of the new Chevron estate. Chike and I built a lab for them on the south east side, and that is the lab being used by the Abuja delegates of “Psicrom”. They are the company that sent us to find the rocks and have been funding the Boko Haram, Jos bombings and all the others. That’s why Chike hid this rock when he found out. I know that’s where they are holding them, and if things go according to plan, then before 12pm tomorrow, we will be with them to….” Ekene had stopped mid speech and had a puzzled look on his face. He was looking passed Hakeem and at the glass window were the rock was hooked up to machines. By the time Hakeem turned around the room they were in was slowly being enveloped by the bright blow glow. Before Ekene could finish his sentence, Hakeem had started to run at full speed, hopping with intense agility over chairs and tables headed directly for the rock. He knew the glow meant trouble and with it’s intensity, something big and bad was about to happen. He charged into the door, wrecking the lock and snatched the rock. Just as he turned round to run back out, the entire back wall of the room crumbled and flew outwards into the slowly darkening night sky.

Sliding the glowing rock in his pocket, Hakeem jumped on a table and lunged over towards Ekene who was snatching at the laptop and papers that were on the desk in front of him. “Ekene run, there are men climbing in here” Hakeem yelled as he raced over to him, but unfortunately the men in suits were coming in the opposite door at the same time.

“Hakeem, just get out of here…… Now!” Ekene said pointing at the skylight. “And hold your breath!” He added pushing over the table full of chemicals close to the door. As the cylinders full of funny colored liquids hit the floor, there was a huge explosion and thick gray smoke filled the room, it was choking and the men in suits at the door couldn’t be seen, however Hakeem did see a muscular and burly arm reach out from the fumes and pull Ekene in. He knew he had to get out of there, and maybe he could hide and follow them to save everyone after. But as he stood between the thick fumes and the crumbling wall with harnessed mercenaries swinging through, his right pocket seemed to get warm. This time the heat was calming and actually meant something to Hakeem, it all came together and he knew just what to do.

So he closed his eyes and let his instincts take over. He crouched just as a net flew over his head, took a racing start position, then just as his foot left the floor a bullet hit the exact spot. At top speed he ran straight for the wall ahead and then angled to the right at the last second and pushing off the wall, he jumped on to a book shelf and then jumped once more just to catch the florescent lights hanging by thick chains from the ceiling. He swung on it and let go just as it’s chain snapped under his weight. With outstretched arms he caught hold of the window ledge of the skylight. Pulling himself up he looked down quickly at where Ekene had stood but he didn’t have a second to spare as bullets now rained on the window where he stood.

“Ekene!!!! I’ll save everyone! Tell them I’m coming!…. I promise! I’ll save Everyone!!!!” Hakeem yelled, and before the men in suits on the roof knew it, Hakeem had jumped into the window washing crane and was gone.


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