POETRY CORNER – The One That Was Lost by Dark Sage

The One That Was Lost

I wish I could have you for Christmas

Or at least for my birthday present

So like a seven year old with an action figure,

I can play with your emotions

And make you fall in love with me again

I never had closure

Is there really such a thing?

Because, when my mind met yours,

The only word that can explain it is “explosion”

There was a chemical reaction

And my body never functioned the same ever again

That day, you put your hands in mine

And the silky texture of your skin sang out melodies

That have forever changed my understanding of what music is

I was a butterfly

And you were the nectar

And I’ve been walking this earth longing

For the soft caress your flavour added to my life

Hi, my name is Onos and I’m a nectarholic

Reduced to a mere addict, like a druggy or alleyway junkie

Longing for the succulence of your voice on my skin

Yearning for you like an alcoholic on a failing three day sobriety run

Sober, not by choice, but by the lack of means to acquire you

If the sun could speak,

I’m sure I would hear glorious symphonies at sunrise

Concertos at noon time and bittersweet melodies at sunset

Just for you

Just to say “You’re beautiful”

I’m sure the stars spend all day rehearsing

So when they come out at night

They get can get that twinkle and sparkle just right

But that is still not good enough

For you

Some might say I should have let go of these feelings

I would rather stab them

With the sharp edges of broken dreams and promises I made to you

And cut myself picking up the shards

Because that pain is the only way I’m close to you

Here I am like a single piece of thread in a haystack

Hoping that gusts would blow me into the eye of a needle

Into the warm embrace of your sleek and slender frame

Though I am not one to overindulge in reminiscence,

I surely regret the day that I lost you

I wish I could have you for Christmas

Or at least for my birthday present

Because I never moved on

And I want to breathe again…

Dark Sage.

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