POETRY CORNER – The Monster by Dark Sage

The Monster

I dressed in all black to stay concealed
And hid in an alleyway on the corner of anger and 46th street

Death and darkness kept me company
Engaged in deep conversation,
Deciding the fate of the one we hoped to see

A man in blue overalls and a see through fitted cap
Made from the tears of all of the girls he had laid a hand on

His hands were like jeans ravenously torn at the seams
From all the screams they had conspired to censor

His countenance had his chest heaved so high up
That his ill-fitting pride leaked from his armpits
And it gave off such a foul odour
That my eyes were trying to escape from their sockets

Even when i hadn’t seen him
His words were coloured a urine yellow
And his teeth ordered in disarray and shambles
From all the dreams like glass bottles he had bitten
And the shards left his gums bleeding deep ochre

With all this pain and fear he wielded,
I just looked at him as anguish crawled up my sleeves

For my heart had vowed to stick his head
So far up his own ass that his neck would snap

And all the nightmares and torment harboured in his chest
Were let out like wild bats in a cave

Death stood by my side robed in a Louis Vuitton hoody
Still engaged in a heated debate with my conscience

He forced a blade into my giddy hands
And whispered piercing cold icicles into my ear
Goosebumps made a swaying corn field on my skin
Winds blew but the stalks remained unencumbered

By the steady footsteps of this vile man
who Was probably headed for another victim

My breath smelled of bittersweet blood-lust
My hands now firm and ready
To end what he had started,
The languor of every woman’s spirit

Dark Sage.

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